10 Things to Do in Christchurch at Night
10 Things to Do in Christchurch at Night

10 Things to Do in Christchurch at Night šŸŒƒ [2023]

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What to Do in Christchurch at Night

Christchurch is known for being one hell of an artsy city. The cultural hub of the South Island certainly comes alive at night with a vibrant nightlife full of entertainment. See shows, comedy, art cinema, clubs, bars, restaurants and even murder mystery dinners! After seeing this list, you’ll definitely realise there are a lot of things to do in Christchurch at night!

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1. Catch a Show

Christchurch is often dubbed as the artsiest city in New Zealand. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that catching a show at one of the theatres is a must! The Isaac Theatre Royal has been a symbol in Christchurch since 1863 showing ballet, musicals, comedy and much more. For music lovers, try The Piano: Centre for Music and Arts showcasing musical arts at least a couple of times a week.

Location: Isaac Theatre Royal – 145 Gloucester Street. The Piano – 156 Armagh Street. 

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2. Hit the Christchurch Nightlife Scene

As the largest city on the South Island, it’s definitely one of the most vibrant at night. If you love dancing long into the night, drinking with travel buddies or meeting the locals then the Christchurch nightlife is for you. St Asaph Street has the most party bars, while Poplar Lane is a good place for casual drinks.

Location: Christchurch city centre.

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3. Have Dinner on the Christchurch Tram

The tramway in Christchurch is so typically, well, “Christchurch”. You can even experience the Christchurch Tram at night at the Tramway Restaurant. Do some city sightseeing while tucking into a fancy meal and a glass of wine. Plus, if you are looking for more “date night” ideas like this, check out the 20 Romantic Things to Do in Christchurch.

Location: Tram Stop # 1, Cathedral Junction. Booking is essential.

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4. Watch a Movie in Style

In Christchurch, going to the cinema isn’t just about watching a movie. It’s a whole experience. Relax in the bug comfortable seats of Deluxe Cinemas at The Tannery with a local craft beer in hand and a cheese platter. Alternatively, there’s Alice in Videoland, a boutique cinema located in the Old High Street Post Office, which promises yesterday’s ambience in the golden era of film with today’s technology. Finally, Lumiere Cinemas sits in the grand building of the Christchurch Arts Centre. Pick up a cocktail, wine or craft beer from the Bijou Bar with some gourmet chocolates, cheese platter or gelato to complement.

Location: Deluxe Cinemas at The Tannery – 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, approximately 6 km (4 mi) from Christchurch city centre. Alice in Videoland – 209 Tuam Street. Lumiere Cinemas – 26 Rolleston Avenue.

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5. Treat Yourself to the Christchurch Eats!

Going to a restaurant isn’t exactly the idea of the century when looking for things to do at night. However, Christchurch is packed with restaurants and flavours from all over the world! If you’re only going to eat out once on the South Island, then it might as well be in Christchurch. While there’s a huge array of restaurants, we pick our favourites in The Food Guide to Christchurch.

Location: All over Christchurch. See locations in the link above.

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6. Take an Art Gallery Late-Night Tour

If you didn’t get the chance to check out the Christchurch Art Gallery during the day, then don’t worry! You also get the chance to visit the Art Gallery at night on a free guided “Late Night Tour” starting at 7:15 pm every Wednesday night. What’s more, it’s free! See more free experiences in the 26 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Christchurch.

Location: Montreal Street, Christchurch city centre.

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7. Laugh Hard at The Court Theatre

For an affordable night of interactive and improvised comedy, look no further than The Court Theatre! Catch a late-night show every Friday and Saturday from 10:15 pm with “Scared Scriptless”. Anything could happen!

Location: 36 Clarence Street South, Addington, approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) from Christchurch city centre.

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8. Spend a Night at the Fair… Of Sorts

A fair experience that’s indoors, at night and available all year round? Cue Archie Brother Cirque Electriq, home to bowling, arcade games, two bars serving cocktail desserts and Holey Moley Mini Golf. Open from midday to 10 pm most nights and until 12 am on Friday and Saturday (plus, it’s adults-only from 8 pm Friday and Saturday), this venue is more for those wanting to release their inner child rather than “full of kids”!

Location: 617 Colombo Street, Christchurch city centre.

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9. Relax in the He Puna Taimoana Hot Pools

Venture to New Brighton for a rejuvenating soak in the He Puna Taimoana Hot Pools. The complex features five saltwater hot pools ranging from 26Ā°C to 40Ā°C (79-104Ā°F). The pools are open until 7:30 pm on most nights and until 10 pm on a Friday. If you’re a fan of hot pools, also check out the 10 Best Hot Pools in New Zealand.

Location: New Brighton, approximately 9 km (5.6 mi) from Christchurch city centre.

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10. Solve the Murder at the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

If you’re travelling with a large group then get prepared for a hilarious night at the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. Solve the murder in the Victorian-era theme park, Ferrymead Heritage Park, where a costume is encouraged, ghosts and ghouls are present, and there’s a tram ride thrown in there too.

Location: 60 Hussey Road, Harewood, approximately 11 km (6.8 mi) from Christchurch city centre.

 Art Imitates Death Murder Mystery on Wikipedia© Art Imitates Death Murder Mystery on Wikipedia

More About Christchurch at Night

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