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5 Best Things to Do in Bluff

5 Best Things to Do in Bluff

© Miles Holden – Tourism New Zealand

Activities and Things to Do in Bluff!

At the edge of the South Island, Bluff is really a town for backpackers who really want to discover the true New Zealand. While Bluff is an essential town to stop by when heading to Stewart Island and the Rakiura National Park, there are actually more things to do in Bluff than go to Stewart Island (but that is, indeed, one of the things to do).

Bluff might be hanging on the edge of the South Island, but there are still a surprising amount of things to do in the small town. You can find a good deal of walks, mountain biking tracks, photo opportunities, viewpoints and taste some of the best local cuisines in New Zealand with the Bluff Oysters. So check out the list below for more inspiration on what to do in Bluff!

1. Get That Famous Picture

Now that you are at the very bottom of the South Island, prove it with that picture of the Bluff international sign at Stirling Point. Another sign just like this one is situated in the very north of New Zealand at Cape Reinga. Get photos with both to prove you’ve really travelled New Zealand!

Location: Stirling Point

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2. Visit Bluff Maritime Museum

Voyages on the ocean don’t get more extreme than the Southern Ocean. With the Bluff Maritime Museum located in a town on the southern edge of New Zealand, it’s the perfect place to learn about shipwrecks, whaling, oystering, and the history of Bluff itself. What’s more, there’s even a huge oystering boat to check out.

Location: Foreshore Road

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3. Hike or Mountain Bike at Bluff Hill

Capture some amazing views and venture through windswept bush on Bluff Hill. There are six walking tracks and numerous mountain biking tracks to explore the area. Either drive up Flagstaff Road to the hilltop or access walks from Stirling Point. Each walk lasts about an hour and is well connected giving you plenty of options to spend as much or little time as you like in this wonderful area. See all the walks in detail in 7 Best Walks in Bluff.

Location: Popular access points are at the end of Flagstaff Road and Stirling Point.

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4. Try Some Bluff Oysters

If you hadn’t already heard, oysters are kind of a big deal in Bluff. It is often said that the Bluff oysters are the finest in the world, so it has to be a must-do! They are grown slowly in the cold and clean waters of the Forveaux Strait. Try them during the oystering season (March until about August) at either Fowlers Oysters, which is the local fish and chip shop, or at Oyster Cove in their flashy restaurant. If you are around during May, don’t miss the Bluff Oyster Festival! It’s one of the foods you have to try in New Zealand.

Location: Fowlers Oysters is on 99 Ocean Beach Road and Oyster Cove is on 8 Ward Parade at Stirling Point.

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5. Visit Stewart Island

Bluff is the town connected Stewart Island with the rest of New Zealand. The island is a mecca for hiking trails with 80% of the land being a national park. See wild kiwi birds and other intriguing native birds and experience true wilderness and stunning beaches. For more ideas, see 10 Incredible Things to Do on Stewart Island.

Location: Stewart Island is south of Bluff taking a one-hour ferry journey. Book your ferry ticket to Stewart Island with Real Journeys on Viator or Tripadvisor.

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More Things to Do Near Bluff

That’s it for the best things to do in Bluff. Find more activities for your travels in the 51 Best Things to Do in the South Island.


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