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The Foodie Guide to Greymouth

The Foodie Guide to Greymouth


A Greymouth Food Guide

Travel is an experience for all the senses, and in Greymouth, that especially includes taste. Home to the brewery of one of New Zealand’s longest-running beer brands, as well as a place to try the West Coast delicacy of whitebait, Greymouth is on the itinerary for many foodies travelling the South Island. While the town on the mouth of the Grey River is predominantly known for its mining history, today, it has more of a taste for artisanry, butchery and traditional farm produce evident from its fresh raw milk dispensary to its bustling Sunday market. Of course, there are some memorable dining experiences too. We go through the food highlights in this complete foodie guide to Greymouth.

Things to Do in Greymouth for Foodies

  • Tour the Monteith’s Brewery
  • Try a West Coast delicacy, whitebait
  • Get raw fresh New Zealand milk from CJ’s Milk
  • Pick up some gourmet New Zealand meat products from Blackball Salami
  • Browse the Greymouth Sunday Market
  • Make your own kitchen utensils with Barrytown Knifemaking
  • Have a bite to eat at the best taverns, cafes and street food vendors in town.

For more details and locations of each experience, see the 7 Things to Do in Greymouth for Foodies.

The Foodie Guide to Greymouth©

Food Tours and Activities

While Greymouth is renowned for its mining history, nowadays, it’s home to breweries, farmers and artisans which contribute the West Coast cuisine.

A go-to for foodies in Greymouth is the Monteith’s Brewery! Not only do they have a bar and restaurant to sample beer and cider tasting paddles paired with delectable meals, but they also offer tours of their working brewery. The experience takes you through the brewing process, from the ingredients used to bottling and barrelling (or more like putting the good stuff in kegs). You’ll also have the opportunity to learn how to pull the perfect pint, as well as have a tour of the mini-museum of one of New Zealand’s oldest beermakers. Learn more about the Monteith’s Brewery Tour on Viator and Tripadvisor.

While exploring the surrounding area of Greymouth, stop by farm-produce experiences, like CJ’s Milk! Just off the Great Coast Road, CJ’s Milk sells raw and fresh bottled milk straight from the farm, giving you an authentic taste of the New Zealand dairy industry. Alternatively, if you’re in Blackball perhaps to do the Paparoa Track, don’t miss Blackball Salami. This butchery is famous across the West Coast and New Zealand for its exquisite range of salami made from a variation of beef, pork and venison combined with herbs and spices to create quality gourmet meat products. If you don’t make it to Blackball, Blackball Salami can still be found in New World supermarkets across the West Coast.

Aside from the Greymouth Sunday Market, which we talk about in the 7 Things to Do in Greymouth for Foodies, another food-related experience is with Barrytown Knifemaking. Now, this isn’t about eating, per se, but it’s about forging your own tools to cook with. The full-day experience takes place in the scattered community of Barrytown where you’ll be hammering and forging a quality knife in your desired shape with the help of your friendly hosts and instructors. While the drinks and refreshments provided throughout the day aren’t exactly the main event worth bigging up in a foodie guide, the journey of making your own memorable souvenir and the end result certainly is.

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The Best Restaurants in Greymouth

Where are the best places to eat in Greymouth? From surprising street eats to taverns soaking in the pioneer spirit, there are some memorable dining experiences to seek out.

A speciality on the West Coast is whitebait, usually prepared in a fritter and is available between mid-August to November. Buccleugh’s on High (68 High Street) is a noteworthy place to try it, as well as other West Coast highlights like blue cod and venison within the historic Recreation Hotel. Alternatively, try whitebait or a whole range of Kiwi favourites at Sevenpenny (9 Tainui Street) a bustling gastropub sprawling onto one of Greymouth’s main streets, which is open from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A popular place to meet-up and enjoy a coffee is the DP1 Cafe (104 Mawhera Quay) with its vintage-style decor and table numbers printed on old record discs. Maggies Kitchen (65 Mackay Street) is classic Kiwi-style cafe with affordable and hearty breakfasts, fish and chips and more.

Finally, take a walk along the Floodwall Walkway to Blaketown Tiphead where you’ll find a boat renovated into a food trailer called The Lifeboat NZ. This funky street food vendor specialises in coffee, stroopwafels and other Dutch treats!

For more restaurant recommendations, check out more upscale dining in The Luxury Guide to Greymouth, romantic dining in The Honeymoon Guide to Greymouth, and cheap eats in The Guide to Greymouth on a Budget.

The Foodie Guide to Greymouth©

Alternative Things to Do in Greymouth

What? Eating and brewery tours aren’t the only things to do in Greymouth? Believe it or not, Greymouth has a few other fun-filled tours, scenic walks, mountain bike trails and more to enjoy during your visit. Some of the highlights include:

  • Taking the TranzAlpine train through Arthur’s Pass (available on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Self-drive off-roading with On Yer Bike (on Viator or Tripadvisor)
  • Touring the gold-rush town of Shantytown Heritage Park (on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Panning for gold and finding glowworms on the Glow-Worm Cave Tour (on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Finding and making your own greenstone necklace with Arahura Greenstone Tours (on Viator and Tripadvisor)
  • Walking among the mining remains of the Woods Creek Walk
  • Soaking in the coastal scenery of the Point Elizabeth Walkway
  • Browsing the art and greenstone carvings at the Left Bank Art Gallery…

… And much more! Get more information on these activities and others in the 10 Fun Things to Do in Greymouth and across The Complete Guide to Greymouth.


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