The Complete Guide to Franz Josef
The Complete Guide to Franz Josef

The Complete Travel Guide to Franz Josef 🏔️ [2022]


A Travel Guide to Franz Josef Glacier

A compact offering of almost all of New Zealand’s most extreme sceneries, Franz Josef is a small town with some of the biggest landscapes. The icon along the wild West Coast is the Franz Josef Glacier, a gigantic river of ice slowly forming and changing the landscape around it. In its wake, milky-coloured braided rivers, towering valleys, vividly reflective lakes and lush rainforest have taken over. In between it all, the tiny town of Franz Josef is the base for all sorts of adventures to experience this must-see natural attraction.

Whether you’re a family or a couple; a backpacker or a luxury-seeker, this complete travel guide to Franz Josef will help you make the most of a visit to the Franz Josef Glacier and its town.

Frequently Asked Questions About Franz Josef Glacier

We’re not here to mess around; let’s get started with the most common questions travellers have about visiting Franz Josef.

Is Franz Josef Glacier Worth Visiting?

Yes! Franz Josef Glacier is the most popular glacier to visit in New Zealand. However, it’s worth considering Fox Glacier or the Tasman Glacier (Mt Cook) instead if you want a more intimate glacier experience with smaller tour groups.

Can You Walk on the Franz Josef Glacier?

You can only walk on the Franz Josef Glacier with helicopter tours (more on that in the guide below). You used to be able to walk onto the glacier from the valley floor, however, this is no longer possible due to the glacier’s retreat. Find out more about how to walk on Franz Josef Glacier in the 7 Ways to Take on New Zealand’s Glaciers.

Which Glacier is Better, Fox or Franz Josef?

Franz Josef Glacier is better for cheaper heli-hiking and helicopter tours. Fox Glacier is better for smaller tour groups, has less helicopter traffic, and tends to have more opportunities to explore ice caves due to its curved valley.

How Many Days Do You Need in Franz Josef?

Generally, one day is enough. However, we recommend at least two or three days in Franz Josef to allow an extra day in case your helicopter tour is cancelled due to bad weather (which happens frequently).

Where is Franz Josef Located?

Franz Josef is located midway down the west coast of the South Island in the West Coast region of New Zealand.

How Do You Get to Franz Josef?

Franz Josef is connected to the rest of the South Island via State Highway 6. The closest international airport is Christchurch Airport (4h40mins drive), but domestic flights to Hokitika Airport (1h40mins drive) are available from Christchurch and Queenstown, while trains run between Christchurch and Greymouth (2h15mins drive). Franz Josef is on the main national bus route, which you can find more information about in Bus Networks in New Zealand.

What is the Weather Like in Franz Josef?

The daily average temperature is 11.5°C/52.8°F, while the yearly average rainfall is 3,987mm/157″ – one of the wettest climates in New Zealand. Find out more in What is the Weather Like in New Zealand?

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What to Do in Franz Josef

Franz Josef isn’t just about the glacier itself, but the breathtaking landscape that has been created in its path. Explore the glacier valley on foot or by quad bike, kayak on the reflective waters, or don’t do much at all by relaxing at the local hot pools.

The Top Experiences in Franz Josef

What are the must-dos? Here are some of the Franz Josef highlights:

… And the list continues over in our 20 Best Things to Do in Franz Josef.

Rainy Day Activities

Franz Josef is located in one of the wettest regions of New Zealand, so we wouldn’t let you visit without having a few rainy day backups in your pocket:

  • Relax at the Glacier Hot Pools or Waiho Hot Tubs
  • Carve your own greenstone at Te Koha Gallery
  • Blast through river valleys on a quad bike tour (more info on Viator and Tripadvisor)

… And get more rainy day alternatives in our 10 Things to Do in Franz Josef on a Rainy Day.

The Complete Travel Guide to Franz Josef© Franz Josef Wilderness Tours

Things to Do: Franz Josef Wilderness Tours

While the glacier tends to steal all the limelight in Franz Josef, it’s often the dramatic landscapes left in its wake that provide the most memorable adventures. Franz Josef Wilderness Tours has a number of activities to experience these landscapes your way: kayaking, cruising, fishing, mountain biking and more.

Join their acclaimed kayak and paddleboard tours on the glassy waters of Lake Mapourika and Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary or opt for complete comfort on their scenic lake cruise. Perhaps you’d like a fishing cruise with a rod in hand and a fair chance of a healthy salmon on the hook? Otherwise, stick to dry land and make the most of Franz Josef’s stunning bike trails with FJWT’s mountain bike hire!

Intrigued? Check out Franz Josef Wilderness Tours to choose your next adventure.

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Where to Stay in Franz Josef

Other than the accommodations we recommend on the righthand side of this complete travel guide to Franz Josef (or at the bottom, if you’re on mobile view), we have compiled entire lists of places to stay based on price, what’s best for families or a couples’ getaway, premium stays and more. As an added bonus, each list is curated by real writers who have been to Franz Josef; not some AI!

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Franz Josef for Budget Travellers

Before you get bombarded with heli-hiking, scenic flights, kayaking and boat tours that might crush your New Zealand travel budget, just know that you can see some pretty incredible landscapes just on your own two feet. Even from Franz Josef town itself, there are a ton of amazing walks incorporating rainforests, glacier valleys, waterfalls, lakes and mountains left behind by the Franz Josef Glacier.

Admittedly, all of Franz Josef’s free things to do are walks and there are not that many “cheap” activities other than a kiwi hatchery and hot pools. Nevertheless, budget accommodation is abundant as long as you make your bookings early if travelling in the high season (December to March). Check out more tips in The Guide to Franz Josef on a Budget.

Things to Do on a Budget

For more free and cheap activities, head over to the 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Franz Josef.

Budget Accommodation

Despite being a small town – more like a village – Franz Josef has a good choice of hostels and motels, as well as a holiday park. Find out more about them in the 10 Best Budget Accommodations in Franz Josef.

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Franz Josef for Luxury Travellers

With some of the most commanding scenery in New Zealand, it’s no wonder that there are some of the most premium ways to experience it. Luxury travellers have a menu of helicopter excursions and heli-hikes to choose from, while lake and fishing tours create interesting ways to harness the nature left in the wake of the glacier. It’s not all go, go, go, however, as Franz Josef’s five-star hotel and luxury hot pools also offer visitors lavish ways to relax. Find out more in The Luxury Guide to Franz Josef.

Premium Tours and Experiences

For more details on each experience and more, see our 9 Luxury Experiences in Franz Josef.

Premium Accommodation

Franz Josef is home to the only five-star hotel on the West Coast, as well as a small selection of four-star hotels and motels with upscale room options. Take your picks from the 5 Best Luxury Accommodations in Franz Josef.

The Complete Guide to Franz Josef©

Franz Josef for Families

While heli-hiking might steal a lot of the limelight in Franz Josef, there are more suitable glacier activities in Franz Josef to suit all ages. From helicopter flights to short walks, families can experience the amazing landscapes of the glacier no matter their budget or age. Plus, with additional attractions like lake cruises and the West Coast Wildlife Centre (available on Viator and Tripadvisor), there’s even something to do if the weather cancels your flight. In between adventures, stay in the town’s array of holiday parks, motels, hotels and hostels – all offering rooms for families. Find out more in The Guide to Franz Josef for Families.

Family-Friendly Activities

For more details on each experience and others, take a look at the 10 Things to Do in Franz Josef with Kids.

Family Accommodation

Families are spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation in Franz Josef. There’s a holiday park in the village and one accommodation empire (Rainforest Retreat) which is all types of accommodations wrapped up into one. Otherwise, families will find convenience in the motels and even some of the family rooms found in the hostels. The Scenic Hotel Franz Josef Glacier also provides a more luxurious option for families. Check out our recommendations in the 10 Best Family Accommodations in Franz Josef.

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Franz Josef for Couples

A highlight for many couples travelling New Zealand is the majestic alps-to-sea scenery of Franz Josef. While taking an intimate helicopter flight onto the glacier is an obvious option to add to the itinerary, there are a few surprises that are ideal for couples between double kayaking on the glassy Lake Mapourika to blasting over glacial terrain together on a double-seater ATV. Of course, there are ways to relax too with private rainforest dining experiences and private hot pools. Plan your perfect getaway with that special someone using The Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to Franz Josef.

Romantic Things to Do

For more details on each experience, take a look at the 9 Romantic Things to Do in Franz Josef for Couples.

Romantic Accommodation

Couples looking to celebrate something special will find some of the most lavish offerings on the West Coast with four- and five-star hotels. But if you prefer a more down-to-earth experience, like B&Bs or cosy rainforest cottages, there’s that too as listed in the 5 Best Romantic Accommodations in Franz Josef.

The Complete Guide to Franz Josef© Te Waonui Forest Retreat

Franz Josef for Foodies

Sure enough, most of the attention in Franz Josef is on the glacial landscapes. With that, there’s little room for foodie tours and activities like we feature in other New Zealand destination guides. Nevertheless, this is a good opportunity to tell you more about Franz Josef’s vibrant dining scene.

The Best Restaurants in Franz Josef

While we’ve already extensively mentioned the likes of Canavans Restaurant and The Canopy Restaurant in The Luxury Guide to Franz Josef and Alice May in The Honeymoon Guide to Franz Josef, there are more restaurants worth booking a table for.

Blue Ice Restaurant & Bar (12 Main Road) serves well-presented plates of international crowd-pleasers in a casual setting. For Southeast Asian street food combined with New Zealand craft beer, head to the Snake Bite Brewery (28 Main Road) – no, it’s not actually a brewery itself but pours a range of NZ’s finest.

While we touched on the all-you-can-eat-pizza nights of the Monsoon Restaurant (46 Cron Street) in The Guide to Franz Josef on a Budget, it’s worth popping in, whatever type of traveller you are, to enjoy the warm ambience with hearty European cuisine, gourmet pizzas and burgers.

More About Franz Josef

That’s it for our complete travel guide to Franz Josef. For more Franz Josef advice, check out the following guides:

Finally, discover even more destinations and experiences on the South Island in the 51 Best Things to Do on the South Island and 10 Unique & Unusual Things to Do on the South Island.


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