The Best Time to Visit Auckland©
The Best Time to Visit Auckland

The Best Time to Visit Auckland


When to Visit Auckland

A vibrant city with a sub-tropical climate, there’s never really a “bad” time to visit Auckland. The city centre is always going to be busy, while some of the surrounding attractions, like the islands, parks and beaches have their busier periods. Most activities can be done year-round, so most travellers visit Auckland when the time is right for them. Nevertheless, we’ll go through the seasons, weather, busy times and low times in this guide to the best time to visit Auckland.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Time to Visit New Zealand

1. The Weather and Season

The good thing about Auckland is that it never really experiences a “cold” winter season. Of course, if you do prefer hot and long sunny days or autumn leaves, then there are obviously better times to visit Auckland than others, so consider the season! Find out more about the weather in Auckland in our guide.

2. The Crowds

Auckland is a vibrant and busy city all year round, but many of the attractions surrounding Auckland are much busier during the New Zealand school holidays, as well as the high season for tourism. Keep the low and high season in mind!

3. The Cost

The local hotels, vehicle rental companies and even airlines know when most tourists prefer to come to New Zealand, so they take advantage of this by upping their prices, even in Auckland. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider visiting in one of the shoulder seasons or the low season.

We’ll address these factors in each section below!©

Auckland Summer

Months: December, January and February
Tourist Season: High Season

Auckland Weather in Summer

Temperature: 18-20°C (64-68°F)
Rainfall: 90-110mm (3.5-4.3″)

Find out about the weather in each month in:

About Auckland Summer

Summer is the most popular time to visit Auckland. The weather is at its warmest and sunniest for outdoor activities or spending some time outside at one of the wineries. However, this also makes summer the most crowded time to visit Auckland, where it’s a good idea for travellers to book accommodation a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Not only is this a popular time for international travellers to visit Auckland, but you’ll find that this is when many New Zealanders visit too, especially during the local school holidays – check out the holiday dates on the New Zealand Ministry of Education website. Be also aware that summer is the most expensive time of year to visit Auckland in terms of car rentals, flights and hotel rates.

Best Things to Do in Auckland in Summer

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Auckland Autumn

Months: March, April and May
Tourist Season: High to Shoulder Season

Auckland Weather in Autumn

Temperature: 14-18°C (57-64°F)
Rainfall: 120-140mm (4.7-5.5″)

Find out about the weather in each month in:

About Auckland Autumn

If you’re looking for a quieter time to visit Auckland, while still want some comfortably warm weather, then autumn is a good time to visit. Auckland still feels a little busy in March, but April and May simmer down along with the prices of car rental, flights and hotels. The days might be getting a little cooler, but it’s still mild enough to only need one warm layer. However, you may want a rain jacket as it’s likely to have a few wet days. Toward April and May, you may also get the chance to see the brown and orange autumn colours in some of the city’s parks.

Things to Do in Auckland in Autumn

  • Check out the views from atop the Sky Tower
  • Relax with a hot coffee at the Viaduct Harbour
  • Hop on a ferry to Devonport
  • Check out the Auckland Art Gallery
  • Explore the Auckland Domain

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Auckland Winter

Months: June, July and August
Tourist Season: Low Season

Auckland Weather in Winter

Temperature: 12°C (53°F)
Rainfall: 150mm (5.9″)

Find out about the weather in each month in:

About Auckland Winter

Winter in Auckland consists of some rainy days, winds and mild temperatures. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty to do in Auckland both indoors and outside, with not many operators shutting up shop for winter. Apart from in the city centre, Auckland often feels uncrowded during this time of the year, which makes winter one of the best times to visit places that are usually busy like Mt Eden and Rangitoto Island. Plus, prices for car rentals, hotels and flights are also usually at their lowest.

Things to Do in Auckland in Winter

  • Take the ferry to the volcanic Rangitoto Island
  • Try some of the culinary experiences around the city – check out our Foodie Guide to Auckland
  • Visit the Auckland Museum
  • Check out the views from inside the Sky Tower
  • Do some indoor snowboarding at Snowplanet

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Auckland Spring

Months: September, October and November
Tourist Season: Low to Shoulder Season

Auckland Weather in Spring

Temperature: 13-16°C (56-60°F)
Rainfall: 80-130mm (3.1-5.1″)

Find out about the weather in each month in:

About Auckland Spring

Spring is always a refreshing time in Auckland when the clocks go forward, the sun warms up again, and the days get longer. In early spring, you can make the most of the quiet walking trails and parks before the crowds pick up again. October is when spring really starts to get into full swing, with the chance to see lambs in the countryside. Prices for hotels, car rentals and flights are reasonable until mid-November.

Things to Do in Auckland in Spring

  • Try some artisan goodies at the La Cigale French Farmers’ Market in Parnell
  • Check out the native birds on Tiritiri Matangi Island
  • See the flower displays in Cornwall Park or Auckland Botanic Gardens
  • Take a day trip to the Matakana Coast
  • Check out events like the Diwali Festival of Lights

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More About Auckland

That’s it from our guide to the best time to visit Auckland. Get even more tips in our other guide, When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand?


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