5 Best Power Stations for Camping in New Zealand [2023]© Bluetti
5 Best Power Stations for Camping in New Zealand [2023]

6 Best Power Stations for Camping šŸ•ļø [2024]

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The Top Portable Power Stations for Camping in a Tent, Campervan or Motorhome

Sometimes, we like a little bit of home comfort while we’re camping. If that means a little bit of power to run your electric barbecue, fridge and/or lights and charge your devices, then you probably are in the market for a portable power station. Battery-powered and with options to take energy from AC outlets and even the sun, power station technology advances in leaps and bounds every year. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best power stations for camping this year, while also providing some power generation alternatives for comparison.

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1. Bluetti EB200P – The Best Power Station for Camping

One of the most powerful yet portable power stations for camping, the Bluetti EB200P not only has 2,200W of power but 2,048Wh of battery capacity. As you’ll notice, we have a lot of Bluetti power stations on this list but this one is the creme of the crop when it comes to a combination of power and price. It’s not the smallest nor lightest power station, however, but it works its magic when it comes to powering RV and campervan appliances and can even be used as a backup generator at home – it’s that powerful. While the power station has dual charging; solar panels and AC inputs, its output options are also pretty darn impressive with four AC outlets, four USB-A, a USB-C, an RV port, a cigarette lighter port and a DC 5521 output.

Check out the Bluetti EB200P on bluettipower.com.au.

5 Best Power Stations for Camping šŸ•ļø [2023]© Bluetti

2. Bluetti EB70 – The Best Portable Power Station for Camping

A compact electric power station weighing in at 9.7kg (21.4lbs) and with an output of 1,000W and a battery capacity of 716Wh, Bluetti EB70 easily makes it on our list of the best power stations for camping, especially if you’re looking for a mix of portability and generous power output. The model comes in two sexy colours and can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously through AC ports, USB-C ports, USB-A ports, wirelessly, car ports and more – it really is a nifty piece of tech! What’s more, the Bluetti EB70 is certainly more eco-friendly than gas-powered power stations, much quieter and one of the best options if you’re on a budget.

Check out the Bluetti EB70 on bluettipower.com.au.

5 Best Power Stations for Camping in New Zealand [2023]© Bluetti

3. Bluetti AC200P – The Best Power Station for Big Power

A beast when it comes to power output and battery capacity, Bluetti AC200P not only have 2,000W of pure sine wave inverter energy but holds a whopping 2,000Wh capacity with 3,500+ life cycles. The monster has seven ways to recharge, including solar which we will get onto on the next point, but the power station is just that; a monster! At 27.5kg (60.6lbs), you better have a strong arm, but if your idea of camping is kicking back in your van, then this electric power station usually provides all the power you need and more.

Check out the Bluetti AC200P on bluettipower.com.au.

5 Best Power Stations for Camping in New Zealand [2023]© Bluetti

4. Bluetti AC200P + Solar Panels – The Best Solar Power Station for Camping

That’s right, if you want to go green with your power generation, then we highly recommend the solar power add-ons with any of Bluetti’s portable power stations for camping. For this example, we’ve used the Bluetti AC200P + Solar Panels bundle where you can get a variety of portable and foldable solar panels of various PVs (photovoltaic), which means more PV cells the more watts of power are produced. For more tips on choosing a power station, take a look at How to Choose a Generator for Your Motorhome, Campervan or Tent.

Check out the Bluetti AC200P + Solar Panels on bluettipower.com.au.

5 Best Power Stations for Camping in New Zealand [2023]© Bluetti

5. Champion 100692 – The Best Gas Power Generator for Camping

If you want to go old-school for maximum power output, gas generators are generally more power-efficient but not so great when it comes to noise and protecting the environment. They’re also bulky and heavy once full of gas, but Champion 100692 with its power output of 2,000W and more compact design compared to other gas generators is a good option for portable power while camping in a campervan or RV. Plus, it’s only 17.7kg (39lbs) when the gas tank is empty. It’s a little quieter than most gas generators, but we have some tips to reduce the noise in the 10 Ways to Make Your Generator Quieter When Camping.

Check Champion 100692 out on Amazon.

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6. Goal Zero Sherpa – The Best Power Bank for Camping

If you don’t need incredible amounts of power for camping, for example, you just need to keep your phone, laptop or tablet charged for a few days, then perhaps you don’t need a power station. Instead, power banks are much more portable and cost-effective. Offering more than your standard power bank, Goal Zero Sherpa is a top option for power when camping. It by no means has the power output of the power stations mentioned above, at only 100 AC, but the nifty little device recharges phones up to seven times, tablets up to three times and laptops up to 1.5 times across six different output ports.

Check Goal Zero Sherpa 100 AC Power Bank out on Amazon.

5 Best Power Stations for Camping in New Zealand [2023]© Amazon

More About Power Stations for Camping

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