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The 7 Worst Questions to Be Asked When You Come Back From a Trip

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We All Get Them

Time for us to all empathise with a listicle. Whenever we get home from a trip or from backpacking abroad, we are greeted with a bunch of questions some more moronic than others.

The art in responding appropriately without offending is something else entirely, which maybe one day, we will write an article on how to appropriately. Until then, just smile, nod, walk away, open your laptop and start Googling your next travel destination. Works every time!

For more utterances you may hear from friends and family, check out: The 8 Worst Travel Advice Ever.

1. “So… How was it?”

Where do you begin with that question?! Good, thanks?

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2. “You’re so lucky, I wish I could do it too.”

Do you? Really? Then why don’t you?

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3. “You’re not that tanned.”

Avoid this question by getting a spray tan. (Plus, trying to get a tan in New Zealand is pretty lethal as explained in Health Tips For Travelling in New Zealand).

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4. “When are you going back?”

I only just arrived home you cheeky sod.

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5. “Did you take any pictures?”

Have you seen my Facebook at all? If you need inspiration on photo-taking though, how about these 10 Token Tourist Photos You Have to Take in the North Island?

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6. “So… What are you going to do now?”

Thanks for reminding me I have no plans now I am back in the “real world”. Maybe you need to take a look at How to Use a Gap Year as Valuable Experience on Your CV / Resume to make you feel like you didn’t just waste a year abroad…

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7. “You must be bilingual now?”

Although you might have picked up a few words in Maori, it probably went more like this:

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Robin C.

This article was reviewed and published by Robin, the co-founder of NZ Pocket Guide. He has lived, worked and travelled across 16 different countries before calling New Zealand home. He has now spent over a decade in the New Zealand tourism industry, clocking in more than 600 activities across the country. He is passionate about sharing those experiences and advice on NZ Pocket Guide and its YouTube channel. Robin is also the co-founder of several other South Pacific travel guides.

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