New Year New Zealand Where to Spend New Year's Eve in New Zealand
New Year New Zealand Where to Spend New Year's Eve in New Zealand

Where to Spend New Year’s Eve in New Zealand 🥂 2022/2023


The Ultimate Guide to the New Year in New Zealand

You might as well do New Year‘s differently this year, especially since New Zealand sees the dawn of a New Year before (almost) everyone else due to the country’s position on the International Date Line. That’s a cause for huge celebrations in cities where you’ll find vibrancy and feed off others’ excitement. Alternatively, being New Zealand with some of the world’s most stunning and diverse landscapes, there is the option to surround yourself with a beautiful environment for a spot of stargazing or camping. Or, because it is summer during the New Year holidays in New Zealand, you can enjoy a New Year’s music festival. All in all, New Zealand has some sweet ways to welcome the New Year. We’ll go through them all in this guide to the New Year in New Zealand.

Before we jump into this complete guide to New Year’s Eve, be sure to bookmark the 10 NYE Events in New Zealand You Can’t Miss for New Year’s festival listings.

Where to See Fireworks and New Year Festivities

Let’s be honest, what is New Year’s Eve without fireworks? Nothing, that’s what. Make sure you find your local display out of the following New Year’s celebrations (that are also free):

  • Auckland – Fireworks from the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Sky Tower
  • Wellington – Whairepo Lagoon
  • Christchurch – North Hagley Park
  • Bay of Islands – Paihia
  • Dunedin New Year’s Eve Concert – The Octagon
  • Napier’s New Year’s Eve Party – Marine Parade
  • Queenstown – Lakefront
  • Palmerston North – The Square
  • Rotorua – Rotorua Village Green.

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NYE in a New Zealand City

If you want to get among it all and experience a buzzing NYE atmosphere, then this is guaranteed in New Zealand’s cities. The usual custom is to countdown to the New Year, hit a fireworks display, then take the after-party to the bars and clubs, which all compete for your affections with live bands and DJ sets.

Below are some of the top city events for the New Year in New Zealand. They all happen on December 31, just to make that clear.


As the most populated city in New Zealand, Auckland can guarantee a vibrant atmosphere. The Harbour Bridge and Sky Tower fireworks displays are something spectacular. For the best view of the display and fireworks throughout the city, try and get on the water, across the water from Devonport or on Mt Eden. Hilariously, there is also a webcam set up so you can watch the Auckland fireworks from the comfort of your WiFi connection.


There is a bit of a change of pace in Wellington, the first large capital city to see the New Year, with its family-friendly NYE festival at Whairepo Lagoon. Fireworks usually go off at 9pm and then again at midnight. From 10pm, in true artsy city style, the entertainment consists of iconic local movies to the soundtrack of Wellington Orchestra during the countdown to the fireworks.


From 6pm on NYE, Christchurch‘s North Hagley Park hosts a celebration with live music, food stalls, fireworks and, bizarrely enough, the “Arch Wizard of Canterbury” casting a spell for the New Year… The fireworks displays are at midnight.


The North Island city of Gisborne on the East Cape is the first city in the world to see the sunrise of a new year. They celebrate with the Rhythm & Vines festival (see below) or have drinks and laughs in the bars and on the beach.


We can’t leave without giving the “Party Capital of New Zealand” a mention. The famous Queenstown nightlife gets just a bit more buzzing after the free lakefront celebrations and music event with fireworks.

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New Year Festivals in New Zealand

Being summer during the holiday season, New Year’s Eve in New Zealand coincides with the festival season.

Rhythm & Vines in Gisborne, North Island, is the biggest New Year’s festival by being in the first city in the world to see the New Year! International and national acts perform at this world-famous event.

Rhythm & Alps is Rhythm & Vines’ prettier sister. The festival is in the beautiful mountainous location of the Cardona Valley between Wanaka and Queenstown. The music acts are almost the same as Rhythm & Vines, sometimes with a few exceptions.

AUM Festival is a multi-day event full of music, art and workshops to get stuck into. The NYE festival takes place in South Head, just a 45-minute drive from Auckland Central, in a stunning deer park surrounded by forest and a clean swimming lake.

Rotorua‘s New Year celebration is the GLO Festival. The free family-friendly evening festival takes place on the Rotorua Village Green accompanied by live music, movies, performing arts and fireworks.

Meanwhile, in Matakana, Auckland, have a festival in a vineyard! The Highlife NYE Festival aims to attract 22-year-olds and over, usually with a dress code, for an ever-so-slightly more sophisticated party. Expect international acts, good wine, burlesque performers and good times.

For a more complete round-up of New Year’s festivals in New Zealand, check out the 10 NYE Events in New Zealand You Can’t Miss!

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NYE in the New Zealand Wilderness

If big crowds aren’t your thing, there is another excellent option spending NYE in the wilderness. Let’s be honest, the New Zealand wilderness is pretty sensational.

New Year on the Beach

Pack up the campervan or car with friends or family and have yourself your own party on the beach. After all, there is no part of New Zealand that is more than 128km (80 miles) away from the coast. Some beaches to consider include Piha Beach, Ohope Beach, Wainui Beach, Purakaunui Bay and tons of others that we list in the 22 Stunning Beaches in New Zealand and 10 Unique Beaches in New Zealand.

New Year with Glowworms or Stargazing

Get your natural night display by doing a bushwalk through the Waitomo area or one of the other 10 Free Glowworm Caves in New Zealand to see these shiny maggots in all of their glory.

Alternatively, head to the South Island and stargaze from the Aoraki Mt Cook and Mackenzie region. Check out where else has awesome stargazing here: 5 Stargazing Sites in New Zealand.

For more inspiration, check out these beautiful places:

Maori New Year – Matariki

We can’t complete this guide to the New Zealand New Year without talking about the Maori New Year in New Zealand, “Matariki“.

Matariki is the Maori name given to the star cluster known as the Pleiades. For many iwis (tribes), seeing the star cluster rise before dawn around late-May or early-June is the mark of a New Year.

We have a whole guide about Matariki and how it is celebrated in New Zealand, so head over to What is Matariki? – The Maori New Year for more information.

Check out our guide for more events to keep in mind for this year, The Top New Zealand Events & Festivals.


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