10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© Unsplash
10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples

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How to Plan the Perfect Camping Date Night

Nature is effortlessly romantic; the ambience of the forest, mountains or beach, the sound of birds or cicadas, and the light of dusk or dawn. How is a camping date not something we do every date night?! The fact is, most couples haven’t given #campdate a go yet, so we’ve put together some ideas to enhance your camping experience to a whole new level of romance with these 10 camping date ideas.

1. Check the Weather

You might have this amazing camping date idea solidified in your head, but nothing dampens the mood more than, well, dampness! Although it can be kind of exciting to have the heavens open while camping, most newbies to camping would be pretty uncomfortable. Not to mention, most of the camping ideas we have on this list will be pretty hard if the weather is not right. So, literally, take a rain check if it’s going to be atrocious. How about setting the tent up indoors instead?

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© NZPocketGuide.com

2. Pick a Scenic Campsite

The main part of camping is experiencing the great outdoors, so you want to pick a campsite that truly reflects that in order to make the most out of your camping date. Do you want to be by the beach? In the mountains along a hiking trail? In the forest? Or at a campground with more facilities, like hot pools? Beach campsites or high-altitude campsites are typically the best options for watching the sunset and sunrise (see points #5 and #9) which is a surefire way to enhance the romantic ambience.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© Unsplash

3. Set the Mood

Set your camping date apart from bog-standard camping by setting the mood with lighting, lanterns and maybe even a projector movie or music. You’ll be surprised at how much this can transform your camping experience into a glamping experience.

Speaking of glamping, just because you’re in the wilderness, doesn’t mean you have to give up modern comforts. To power your lights, coffee maker, camera, mini-fridge, etc., use portable camping generators like the BLUETTI EB55. What’s more, you can upload your sweetest memory with your loved one to the BLUETTILOVE campaign to win an EB55, solar panels or coupons – just in time for your camping date!

For more tips on “glamping” up your campsite, check out The Ultimate Packing List for Glamping.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© BLUETTI

4. Pack a Picnic

Roll out the picnic blanket, let down some lanterns and open a bottle of wine… What’s not romantic about a picnic? Oh, perhaps the sandflies or mosquitos. Pro tip: have some insect repellent at the ready. As for the food, an cheese or antipasto platter are simple to prepare but looks so darn special once presented. And don’t forget about breakfast! Cook up some campfire pancakes or whip out the platter again with breakfast muffins, croissants, jams and more.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© Unsplash

5. Watch the Sunset

Let nature help set the mood with the gorgeous ambient light of sunset. Snuggle up on some camping chairs together and watch the show unfold.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© Unsplash

6. Snuggle Beneath the Stars

Speaking of snuggling, just a couple of hours after sunset is when the universe starts to put on a show. The later you stay up, the better the stars get – which is also the benefit of winter camping, should you be so bold. Check out What to Look for When Watching the Stars so you can impress your loved one with some astronomy knowledge.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© NZPocketGuide.com

7. Tell Stories Around the Campfire

If you’re staying at a campground that allows fires, then engage in the perfect camping pastime; telling stories around the campfire. Now, these don’t have to be fictional stories per se, but stories from each other’s lives would make the experience more romantic. Get to know each other more or, if you’ve been together a while, use this time to reconnect. Of course, make the experience extra cosy with blankets, camping chairs, warm drinks and, of course, marshmallows.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© Unsplash

8. Zip Your Sleeping Bags Together

Perhaps the least romantic thing about camping is the separate sleeping bags. Well, no more! You can use the classic solution of marrying the two sleeping bags by zipping them onto each other’s zips. Alternatively, did you know that double sleeping bags exist?! Get down to your local outdoor store and see for yourself!

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© Unsplash

9. Wake Up at Sunrise

Considering you are in the great outdoors, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the beauty of the sunrise with your loved one. Some would argue that it’s even more romantic than watching the sunset; when the rest of the world’s asleep and it feels like you’re the only ones witnessing this phenomenon together.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© NZPocketGuide.com

10. Leave Only Footprints

When your romantic camping date finally comes to an end, show your loved one how much you care by making sure you leave nothing but your footprints behind. Scan the camping area to ensure you haven’t left any gear or rubbish. What’s more, use eco-friendly camping products, like your solar camping generator, for a less impactful experience.

10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© BLUETTI

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10 Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples© BLUETTI

More Romantic Camping Date Ideas for Couples

That’s it for our list of romantic camping date ideas for couples. For more camping advice and travelling with your loved one in New Zealand, check out the following guides:

Finally, if there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re likely to find it in The Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to New Zealand.


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