What a Qualmark Rating Means

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What is a Qualmark rating?

On accommodation, transport, activities and other services: you’ll see the little silver fern Qualmark logo in a lot of places in New Zealand, especially when being a genuinely awesome backpacker. But what is a Qualmark rating?The Qualmark endorsement or rating means that companies have chosen to be measured forquality, safety and environmental standards. Each business receives onsite evaluations againstup to 300 criteria tailored to the specific tourism experience they offer.Side note: if a tourism business does not have a Qualmark rating, this is not necessarily a bad thing – it just means they have not opted (and paid the hefty fee) to get the assessment done.

What does the Qualmark rating mean for you?

The Qualmark rating or endorsement aims for a win-win for both traveller and travel company. Where it reassures the traveller that the company operates in an ethical, professional and environmentally sustainable way, the company may receive validation of insurance, safety and regulatory requirements.Other ways the Qualmark rating may benefit you are:

  • You know in advance what you are buying, thanks to the star rating.
  • The business has the required systems and policies for a safe travel experience.
  • You can book with more reassurance and confidence.
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Qualmark Accommodation Ratings

A star rating of 1 to 5is given forevery type of accommodation in New Zealand. This indicates the quality of a property within its category, for example, backpacker, holiday park, motel, hotel, etc.It means the accommodation provider has gone through an assessment to gain the Qualmark licensing.

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Qualmark endorsed activities, services and transport

All the other tourism-related goodness, like activities, transport, information centres and even retail stores are assessed by Qualmark.These tourism services are checked on safety, facilities, equipment,and customer service.

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Qualmark Enviro Award

When you see the green Qualmark logo, you can be assured that the business has undergone anenvironmental review withaction plans and recycling options.The Qualmark Enviro Award is split into gold, silver and bronze awards. The better the award, the more sustainable and eco-friendly the business is. Simple!Remember to be a green backpacker too. There are a number of ways you can be environmentally-friendly when backpacking in New Zealand, where you can get ideas here.

Make sense of the Qualmark categories.

What Qualmark says

Get more information on the subject at the Qualmark website, such as handy charts like this:

http://www.qualmark.co.nz/quality_experiences.html© http://www.qualmark.co.nz/quality_experiences.html

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