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Public Transport in Gisborne

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Getting Around Gisborne

As a relatively small city in New Zealand, getting around Gisborne is easy and helped thanks to public bus services and taxis. Nevertheless, because of the low demand for public transport in Gisborne, there are some limitations to the bus and taxi services in Gisborne. We’ll go through them all in this guide to public transport in Gisborne.

City bus services are a great way to get from one end of the city to the other or to some of its surrounding suburbs. What’s more, the bus service is extremely affordable. However, if you need to get somewhere specific, fast and off the bus route, then you can rely on the taxis in Gisborne to get you there. Although Gisborne doesn’t have a commuter train service, it is famous for its steam engine tourist trips going right through Gisborne Airport! Finally, Gisborne Airport does flights to Auckland, Wellington and some smaller cities in the North Island. More on that below!

What You Need to Know About the Bus Services in Gisborne

The main mode of public transport in Gisborne is by bus. The local bus service, Gizzy Bus, operates Mondays to Fridays. Yep, that’s no weekends and no public holidays. Here are a few more things you need to know about the Gisborne bus service:

  • There are six bus routes using two buses on a 45-minute rotation. Timetables are on display in bus stops, flyers can be found in the i-SITE and most accommodations, and on the Gisborne District Council’s website.
  • An adult fare on the Gizzy bus is NZ$2 and one-way fares cover transfers and connecting services.
  • 10-trip bus tickets can be purchased by with no discounts.
  • Although there are 133 bus stops around Gisborne, we will include the main stops in the route descriptions below.
  • Bus stops are either in shelters, beside a white and red sign on a long pole, and/or where there are obvious yellow markings on the road.
  • Make sure you signal the driver as the bus approaches the bus stop.

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Public Buses in Gisborne

Gisborne City Bus Routes

1A: City – Hospital – Te Hapara – City
Bright Street Terminal – Ballance Street – Hospital – Te Wiremu Rest Home – Bright Street Terminal

1B: City – Elgin – City
Bright Street Terminal – Desmond Road – Rugby Park – Elgin Shopping Centre – Bright Street Terminal

2B: City – Elgin – Hospital – City
Bright Street Terminal – YMCA – Elgin Shopping Centre – Hospital – Bright Street Terminal

3A: City – Elgin – Hospital – City
Bright Street Terminal – Hospital – Elgin Shopping Centre – Rugby Park – Bright Street Terminal

Gisborne Suburb Bus Routes

2A: City – Kaiti – Tamarau – City
Bright Street Terminal – Kaiti Mall – Heath Johnston Park – De Lautour Shopping Centre – Bright Street TerminalThis route does a few extra stops compared to Bus 3B, such as the Pakn’Save of Gladstone Road and again near the Waikirikiri Reserve.

3B: City – Kaiti – Tamarau – City
Bright Street Terminal – Kaiti Mall – Heath Johnston Park – De Lautour Shopping Centre – Bright Street Terminal

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Taxis in Gisborne

Taxis are a good option in Gisborne when the buses are not running or your destination is far from the bus routes. Otherwise, using a taxi service tends to not be as cost-effective as taking the bus or driving yourself.

Taxi meters start from between NZ$2 and NZ$3.50 with it being around NZ$1.50 per kilometre. Eastland Taxis/Eastland Private Hire also do a set fare which is agreed on over the phone when you book.

The taxi companies servicing Gisborne are:

  • Gisborne Taxis – 0800 50 5555 (freephone)
  • Eastland Taxis/Eastland Private Hire – 0800 282 947
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Gisborne Airport

Gisborne Airport is located on the western side of the city at the end of Aerodrome Road. Air New Zealand operates four daily flights to Auckland and one to Wellington. Sunair also operates a daily flight to smaller airport destinations like Rotorua, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North and Napier.

Find out more about taking a domestic flight in Domestic Flights in New Zealand.

Getting to Gisborne Airport

Both taxi companies (see above) provide airport transfers. Bus services 3A and 1B stop within walking distance of Gisborne Airport at the southern end of Chalmers Road. Just ask your driver and they are usually happy enough to tell you when you have arrived at the right stop.

Parking is just outside the terminal. Parking is free for the first 20 minutes then NZ$10 for 10-24 hours then NZ$50 maximum charge for a single stay period.

Car Rentals from the Airport

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Thrifty Car Rentals
  • Hertz

Learn more about renting vehicles in Guide to Renting a Car/Campervan in New Zealand.

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Trains in Gisborne

It’s not exactly a mode of transport for getting from A to B, but the Gisborne City Vintage Railway is worth mentioning for all those train enthusiasts out there.

Take a vintage steam train to Muriwai and back, going over numerous bridges and the infamous airport landing strip crossing.

The Gisborne City Vintage Railway usually does trips once a month or more during school holidays. Ask at the local i-SITE for more updated timetables.

For more things to do in Gisborne, check out 10 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Gisborne.


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