New Zealand in Two Weeks: Honeymoon Itinerary© Mark Clinton - THL
New Zealand in Two Weeks: Honeymoon Itinerary

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: 2 Weeks / 14 Days

© Mark Clinton – THL

14-Day Honeymoon and Couples Itinerary for New Zealand

In a land of adventure and sublime nature what better place to start life’s next biggest adventure together (or go on a romantic getaway) than in New Zealand? But how do you make the most of New Zealand’s two main islands and their incredible landscapes with limited time? We go through one of the best ways to see both the North Island and the South Island with this New Zealand honeymoon and romance itinerary for two weeks (14 days). What’s more, we show you how to plan this itinerary the EASY way with First Light Travel – more on that at the bottom of the itinerary.

One thing to note is that seeing both islands in two weeks means that you need to be comfortable with a lot of driving. Luckily, New Zealand has plenty of reasons to make multiple stops along the way, making it easy to break up long drives. See How to Drive in New Zealand for more tips. However, we still strongly encourage anyone coming to New Zealand for two weeks to only explore one of the islands, so perhaps you’d like to consider our North Island Honeymoon Itinerary or South Island Honeymoon Itinerary.

Before we begin, don’t forget to bookmark The Honeymoon & Romantic Guide to New Zealand for even more honeymoon tips.

New Zealand Honeymoon Itinerary for 2 Weeks (14 Days): Overview

  • Day 1 ā€“ Auckland
  • Day 2 ā€“ Auckland to Hahei (Coromandel)
  • Day 3 ā€“ Hahei to Rotorua
  • Day 4 ā€“ Rotorua to Tongariro National Park (via Taupo)
  • Day 5 ā€“ Tongariro Crossing
  • Day 6 ā€“ National Park to Wellington
  • Day 7 ā€“ Cruise to the South Island & Motueka
  • Day 8-9 ā€“ Abel Tasman National Park
  • Day 10 ā€“ Abel Tasman to Kaikoura
  • Day 11 ā€“ Kaikoura to Lake Tekapo
  • Day 12 ā€“ Lake Tekapo to Queenstown (via Mt Cook)
  • Day 13 ā€“ Milford Sound
  • Day 14 ā€“ Queenstown Airport.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days© Mark Clinton - THL

How to Get Around New Zealand in 2 Weeks

This is a self-drive two-week honeymoon and romance itinerary for New Zealand. We give tips on hiring a vehicle below, as well as additional (and alternative) transport methods to use for travelling 14 days around New Zealand on your honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Rental Car or Campervan

Other than your hubby, your most important road trip companion is your rental vehicle. Use a rental company that has depots in Auckland and Queenstown where your itinerary begins and ends. Get started with your research with The Guide to Renting a Car or The Guide Renting a Campervan in New Zealand.


You’ll be taking the ferry between the North Island and South Island on this itinerary. Get tips on ferry travel in The Ferry Between the North Island and South Island.

Escorted Tours

If you would rather not drive yourselves around New Zealand, escorted bus tours provide an easy alternative. However, escorted tours follow their own set itineraries rather than what is listed below. Check out a range of fully-guided tours on The Best 10-12-Day Tours of New Zealand.

Plan more of your honeymoon using The Honeymoon & Romance Guide to New Zealand. Alternatively, use the free online travel agent, First Light Travel, to work out all of the logistics for you – more on them at the bottom of this itinerary.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days©

Day 1 – Arrive in Auckland

Before jumping on the road, take the time to relax together in New Zealand’s most romantic city, the ‘City of Sails’. A walk along the Viaduct as the sun goes down is a great way to spend the evening, watching the city light reflections glistening in the harbour waters. The Viaduct is also teeming with fabulous eateries and bars. If you have more time in Auckland, check out some of our suggestions.

Romantic Experiences in Auckland

For more inspiration, see the 10 Romantic Things to Do in Auckland.

Romantic Accommodations in Auckland

Check out the 20 Most Romantic Hotels in Auckland for more details and options.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days© MaxPixel

Day 2 – Auckland to Hahei (Coromandel)

Drive Time: 2 hrs 15 mins

It’s time to get this New Zealand honeymoon itinerary for two weeks officially started by checking out some of the most stunning beaches in New Zealand. Feel the sand between your toes beneath the white cliffs of Cathedral Cove or on a more secluded beach like New Chums. Or how about digging your own private hot pool at Hot Water Beach?

Romantic Experiences in Hahei

Get more inspiration from the 10 Romantic Things to Do in the Coromandel.

Romantic Accommodation in Hahei

For more options, head over to the 10 Most Romantic Accommodations in the Coromandel.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days© Pixabay

Day 3 – Hahei to Rotorua

Drive Time: 4 hours

Now that you’ve seen some of New Zealand’s beautiful coastline, it’s time to dive into the heartland of the North Island! Rotorua is New Zealand’s cultural and geothermal hotspot with a wonderful array of geothermal parks, hot pools and Maori cultural experiences. It’s likely that you’ll want to experience a few activities here, which you’ll also get time to do tomorrow.

Romantic Experiences in Rotorua

And there’s much more! Check out the 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Rotorua for ideas.

Romantic Accommodation in Rotorua

For more information on our top recommended accommodation, check out the 15 Most Romantic Accommodations in Rotorua.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days©

Day 4 – Rotorua to Tongariro National Park (via Taupo)

Drive Time: 4 hours

After squeezing in one last romantic hot pool session, make your way to the volcanic landscapes of the Tongariro National Park. Along the way, you’ll pass through the towns of Taupo and Turangi with their own set of attractions, from geothermal hot spots to the magnificent Huka Falls to white water rafting on the Tongariro River. You’ll end the day in National Park Village ready to do the Tongariro Crossing tomorrow.

Romantic Experiences in Taupo

For more ideas, see the 10 Romantic Things to Do in Taupo.

Romantic Accommodation in National Park Village

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days©

Day 5 – Tongariro Crossing

See some of the most breathtaking scenery on the North Island along the Tongariro Crossing. This 19.4 km (12 mi) one-way hike features volcanic craters, vibrant lakes and Lord of the Rings scenery. There are options to either hike it yourself or go with a guide. Either way, booking transport to and from the walking trail is mandatory for this one-way hike. See The Guide to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for more information.

Due to the Tongariro Crossing’s popularity, you may find the Crossing too “busy” for that honeymoon/romantic ambience. Check out alternative day hikes in the area with arguably rivalling views of the Tongariro Crossing in our 13 Walks Around National Park Village & Whakapapa Village. For more inspiration, see the 15 Best Things to Do in the Tongariro National Park.

Your transport or guide will return you back to your chosen National Park Village accommodation.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days©

Day 6 – National Park to Wellington

Drive time: 4 hours

Your drive today takes you through interesting Kiwi towns and hugs the coastline of the Kapiti Coast on your way to the capital city. Wellington is a diverse city that you’ll want to leave plenty of time to explore while feeling its creative and eclectic vibes.

Romantic Experiences in Wellington

Check out the 10 Romantic Things to Do in Wellington for more things to do.

Romantic Accommodation in Wellington

For more information on each accommodation, see our 10 Most Romantic Accommodations in Wellington.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days©

Day 7 – Cruise to the South Island and Motueka

Drive Time: 2 hrs 20 mins

Not just a ferry crossing from the North Island to the South Island, the Cook Strait ferry is a scenic cruise from the Wellington Harbour through the stunning Marlborough Sounds.

You’ll arrive in the quaint harbourside town of Picton where you’ll travel through the Whangamoa Saddle to the sunny Tasman district. After a scenic drive, take it easy in your chosen accommodation in Motueka and get some rest for tomorrow’s adventures in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Romantic Accommodation in Motueka

New Zealand in Two Weeks: Honeymoon Itinerary©

Days 8-9 – Abel Tasman National Park

Today, you’ll take a water taxi from Motueka into the Abel Tasman National Park, an isolated area at the top of the South Island famous for its golden sand beaches backed with lush forest.

There are several options to enjoy your two-day adventure in the Abel Tasman National Park, by walking the Abel Tasman Great Walk and staying in one of the national park’s scenic beachfront huts or campsites. Alternatively, you can take a water taxi to stay at the luxurious Awaroa Lodge.

Romantic Experiences in Abel Tasman

Find out more about these experiences and others in the 15 Best Things to Do in the Abel Tasman National Park.©

Day 10 – Motueka to Kaikoura

Drive time: 4 hours

Hit the road again and travel past rows and rows of vineyards as you make your way through the Marlborough region. As you reach the east coast of the South Island, you’ll reach the little town of Kaikoura nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Kaikoura is a mecca for marine wildlife and offers some of the most memorable wildlife encounters in the country.

Romantic Experiences in Kaikoura

Find out more about each activity in our list of 10 Romantic Things to Do in Kaikoura.

Romantic Accommodation in Kaikoura

Get more details from the 10 Most Romantic Accommodations in Kaikoura.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days©

Day 11 – Kaikoura to Lake Tekapo

Drive time: 5 Hours

Today is all about the drive, stopping by some romantic locations. On your drive along the coast, stop by some of the wineries of Waipara. You’ll also discover quaint Kiwi towns to stop by for lunch, such as the town of Geraldine and Fairlie before you hit some of the stunning alpine scenery as you edge closer to the Southern Alps.

Your day ends on the shores of the vibrant blue waters of Lake Tekapo with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. This is definitely a place to just soak up the scenery, maybe even soak in the local hot pools, and enjoy each other’s company.

However, if you are keen to do more, see the 10 Unmissable Things to Do in Lake Tekapo.

Romantic Accommodation in Lake Tekapo

Krzysztof Golik on Wikipedia© Krzysztof Golik on Wikipedia

Day 12 – Lake Tekapo to Queenstown (via Mt Cook)

Drive time: 3 hrs 50 mins

This morning, head along the milky blue waters of Lake Pukaki to Aoraki Mt Cook National Park. Here, you have a multitude of ways to experience the grand alpine scenery of this national park, from flights to hikes. After you’ve had your experience under New Zealand’s highest peak, Aoraki Mt Cook, enjoy a scenic drive to Queenstown through the iconic Lindis Pass.

Romantic Experiences in Aoraki Mt Cook

For more inspiration, see the 10 Most Romantic Things to Do in Mt Cook.

Romantic Accommodation in Queenstown

Discover more endearing stays in our 15 Most Romantic Accommodations in Queenstown.

Note: Return your car rental to the car rental depot in Queenstown on this day, as you will no longer need your car for the rest of the trip!

New Zealand in Two Weeks: Honeymoon Itinerary© Rob Suisted - Tourism New Zealand

Day 13 – Milford Sound

Today, swap the road for the skies on a special and intimate experience to one of New Zealand’s most scenic landmarks. Enjoy a scenic flight to Milford Sound, flying over the wild and wonderful Fiordland National Park, before landing for a scenic cruise. The cruise takes you under towering glacier-carved mountains and waterfalls and often includes viewings of seals and dolphins. Transfers to and from your hotel are usually included.

For our top scening flight and cruise package recommendations, see the 5 Best Scenic Flights to Milford Sound from Queenstown.©

Day 14 – Queenstown Airport

It’s the sad moment when your New Zealand honeymoon itinerary for two weeks finally comes to an end. Enjoy a final leisurely breakfast in New Zealand before catching your flight for the rest of your lives together. And there you have it, a honeymoon/romantic getaway to New Zealand that is nothing short of incredible.

Remember, if this itinerary seems too intense, perhaps you’d like to explore just one of the islands for your romantic retreat. Get inspiration from our North Island Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks or South Island Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks.

New Zealand Honeymoon & Romance Itinerary: Two Weeks / 14 Days© First Light Travel

Plan This Itinerary with First Light Travel

If you like this New Zealand honeymoon and romance itinerary for two weeks but don’t like the hassle of planning everything yourself, then there’s a way to lighten the load. First Light Travel is an online travel agent specialising in honeymoon itineraries in New Zealand. Plus, using their service is super simple:

  • First, send First Light Travel an enquiry by completing their online form
  • Then, you’ll receive your customised honeymoon itinerary
  • Review your itinerary and work with your First Light Travel agent on perfecting it
  • Finally, First Light Travel will organise the rest including the bookings.

First Light Travel has access to more than 20,000 travel products, including almost all the tours and accommodations featured on this list (and more). With that and their local expertise here in New Zealand, they will create a well-catered honeymoon itinerary to meet your needs while also suggesting some dream travel experiences that you may have never heard of. They only work with companies where their past clients have had positive experiences, so you know you’re in good hands.

What’s more, all of the bookings are arranged by First Light Travel, so instead of having to contact each individual accommodation and operator should your travel plans change, any amendments can be done through your FLT agent – easy! Did we mention the service is at no extra cost to you?!

For more information on planning your own New Zealand itinerary, see How to Create the Perfect New Zealand Road Trip Itinerary. Or better yet, jump on and start making your own itinerary there.

More About a New Zealand Honeymoon and Romance Itinerary for 2 Weeks / 14 Days

Thatā€™s it for our New Zealand honeymoon and romance itinerary for 14 days. If that wasnā€™t the itinerary you were looking for, check out these alternative 14-day itineraries:

Finally, get more advice on planning more of your couples’ trip to New Zealand with The Honeymoon & Romantic Getaway Guide to New Zealand.


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