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11 Nelson Art Galleries That Will Inspire You

11 Best Nelson Art Galleries

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Nelson Art Galleries You Can’t Miss

Nelson might be famous for its sunshine, coastal and mountain scenery, even its passion for beer-brewing and wine-making, but did you know Nelson has a creative side? Yes, from the centre of Nelson city and all the way along the Moutere Highway is a community of creatives. What’s more, you can experience their passion and creations in their Nelson art galleries and studios open for visitors.

There are heaps of art galleries to be found in the Nelson suburbs of Richmond, Brightwater and Wakefield which will take you off the tourist trail and give you the chance to meet some locals. If you fancy getting creative yourself, why not join in on one of the workshops?

As you approach the Tasman area, why not stop by Mapua, the seaside village with a blend of art and wines? Or head along the Moutere Highway to Upper Moutere where you can see artists working in stunning rural environments.

1. Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu (The Suter)

Any art trail through the Nelson Tasman region has to start with The Suter. This is the regional art gallery showcasing the works of both local artists and beyond. The Suter also has a cafe, shop and theatre. Find out more in 15 Things to Do in Nelson City.

Location: 208 Bridge Street, Nelson

Schwede66© Schwede66

2. Alchemy Arts Centre

The Alchemy Arts Centre is the place for pottery! Although we wouldn’t exactly recommend buying pottery gifts to put in your backpack on your travels, it’s worth having a look at the quirky designs in the gallery and relaxing with a coffee in their cafe.

Location: 92 Bateup Road, Richmond

Alchemy Art Gallery© Alchemy Art Gallery

3. Mahoe Hills Craft Studio

If you like doing your own arts and crafts, then the Mahoe Craft Studio is the place to get your wears. Why not attend one of their 2-4-hour workshops for 1-5 people (by arrangement)? Check out their studio and go for a walk in the native and edible garden. There are alpacas too!

Location: 255 Garden Valley Road

Mahoe Hills© Mahoe Hills

4. Post Impressions Gift Shop

The old post office in Brightwater is a great place to pick out some creative gifts for the family and friends back home. Post Impressions features local art, collectable music posters, fossils, crystals and Moroccan ceramics. They also make plum jam screen printed homewares… Seriously! They are open Wednesday to Sunday.

Location: 43 Ellis Street, Brightwater

Post Impressions Facebook© Post Impressions Facebook

5. Escape Gallery & Gifts

Not only does the Escape Gallery do their own craft classes, but they also have some tasteful New Zealand souvenirs and gifts. Pick up supplies from the craft area or treat yourself to some New Zealand greenstone and paua jewellery.

Location: The Great Escape Complex, McShanes Road, Richmond

Pexels© Pexels

6. Lavender Escape

Again, slightly going off the theme of art galleries, but if you are already in the Great Escape Complex then you can’t miss Lavender Escape! It’s a shop and gallery dedicated to lavender! Yes, they even have a lavender garden. They are open Tuesday to Sunday in summer and Thursday to Sunday in winter.

Location: The Great Escape Complex, McShanes Road, Richmond

Pexels© Pexels

7. Hoglund Glassblowing Studio

There’s nothing more hypnotising than watching glassblowing. Take a look at the beautiful glass creations, both art glass and jewellery, in the studio and gallery. The Hoglund Glassblowing Studio is open daily.

Location: 52 Lansdowne Road, Richmond

Pixabay© Pixabay

8. Bronte Art Gallery

The Bronte Art Gallery has a bit of everything so who knows what you’ll discover. It is a working artists studio overlooking the beautiful Waimea Inlet. Take a look at paintings, ceramic art and sculptures in this award-winning art gallery.

Location: 122 Bronte Road East, Coastal Highway 60

Pexels© Pexels

9. Laughing Fish Studio

A small studio with a lot to look at, the Laughing Fish Studio is full of ceramics and original paintings. They are open most of the summer.

Location: 24 Aranui Road, Mapua

Laughing Fish Studio (Songbird by Shona McLean)© Laughing Fish Studio (Songbird by Shona McLean)

10. The Coolstore Gallery

Another art gallery with plenty to keep you busy. Check out the Coolstore Gallery’s paintings, ceramics, sculptures, textiles, prints, handcrafted jewellery and gifts. They are open daily in summer and Wednesday to Sunday in winter.

Location: 10 Aranui Road, Mapua

Coolstore Gallery© Coolstore Gallery

[CLOSED] Bead Gallery

[UPDATE: the Bead Gallery has now closed down].

Not quite your traditional art gallery, but the Bead Gallery will certainly inspire you to make some of your own colourful creations. It’s worth popping into this bead wonderland just to have a look and the vibrant displays of bead jewellery and loose beads. You’re practically rolling in beads!

Location: 153 Hardy Street, Nelson

NZPocketGuide.com© NZPocketGuide.com

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