Working with Horses


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Farm work / Picking

Type of Job:

Paid position

Experience Level:

Experience necessary

Hello to our horse-loving backpackers out there! Are you staying or living in Auckland or the Waikato right now and looking for a job? Have you worked with horses in the past or used to have your own horse? Do you want to learn more about the work on a New Zealand stud? If you are passionate about horses and don't mind the hard work, then we have some super exciting job opportunities available for you! You need to commit to the job, so please do not apply if you only want to work for a few weeks. Please note that these are not riding positions, but well-paid ground positions. Applicants MUST have a Working Holiday Visa! Only backpackers can apply for this seasonal job. Pop into our office on Level 10, 300 Queen Street Auckland (Monday to Friday), or send us an email and get in touch with us asap, so that we can help you!

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