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Every year, we receive applications from travellers wanting to be part of our sales team. They have heard about us during their travels of New Zealand, Australia, Europe or even North America and want to know why this is said by many of our crew to be "THE BEST working holiday role ever." So, in writing this ad, we decided to ask a bunch of our current sales consultants what they love about working Face-to-Face sales with us. Here were the responses: Sam H - "I worked for a charity company and hated it. I liked the concept of selling to help a cause but the team did not feel like a group of friends. WE are friends. After having to go and do farm work for 3 months, I realised how much I missed the friends element of our job... Stoked to be back!" Matty T - "For me it's simple, I got sponsored and that allows me to stay in the best country n the world. I had to prove myself but in doing so, it's opened up a future for me..." Marianne P - "I worked hospitality as my first working holiday job. It was fun but the hours were unstable and my weekly earnings depends on what hours I got. Here, I control that. I work hard and party often because I'm here for a working HOLIDAY" Sonya W - "I want to see all of Australia after I finish in NZ. I can do a two months in each Australian state, and that means I can work and travel and not miss half of the country. I like the fact that I can live in a wicked company house with mates rather than stay in a hostel." David S - "I have just landed in NZ after finishing my Australian and I'm to continue working with the company. My favourite thing was going to Melbourne Cup for an incentiveI won last year. So many good sales incentives..." SO, at this stage you're probably wondering what this epic sales role is? WHO WE ARE: THE world leader in our field; - 21 sales offices worldwide across 3 continents; - A business NOT a sales agency; THE FULL-TIME ROLE INCLUDES F2F SALES IN: - Shopping Centres - Universities - Exhibitions and Events such as Sexpo, Comicon, Supanova, - Business-to-business channels. NEW RECRUITS WILL RECEIVE: - Ground floor training through our Facebook 'Training Academy' - IMPORTANT, you start immediately and train as you go! No 4-week training campaigns before you can start! - Management and development opportunities - Excellent remuneration system; - Live-in accommodation, if wanted; - Sponsorship opportunity; - A team-based environment with encouraging managers, not "finger-pointers". If you are a team player with a willingness to learn AND you are able to start immediately, we welcome your application. To organise an interview please call me on the phone number provided or apply to this advert and attach your CV. For more information, check out our Facebook page Search IPG RECRUITMENT or contact Dan on 022 682 7330.

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