Location: Nationwide,
Category: Construction / Trades
Type of Job: Paid position
Experience Level: Ticketed Scaffolder

Qualified Scaffolder – North and South Island, New Zealand

We are looking for a motivated qualified scaffolder is this you??

You will be required to complete the following tasks:
? Erect, assemble and dismantle scaffolding gear at the warehouse and at the various construction sites
? Calculate scaffold loadings and decide what scaffolding platform to build
? Check worksites for hazards
? Unload scaffolding from trucks
? Fit steel tubes and support braces together to form the scaffolding framework
? Lay wooden boards (sole plates) on the ground to spread the weight of the scaffolding
? Fasten ladders and guard rails to scaffolding
? Take down scaffolding and load it onto trucks
? Check and maintain scaffolding equipment
? Regularly inspect erected scaffolding for safety
? Abide by all Occupational Health and Safety requirements

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