Paid 2 month Internship Onsite Live In Reception Duty Managing At Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery (always 2 positions on alternating shifts)


Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery in Oamaru





Type of Job:

Accommodation + Pay

Experience Level:

Warm Friendly nature, love people, interest in music or art and a creative environment. Basic Math, English level to receive phone reservations during Reception Hours.

Next available dates for positions are 27th January and the 11th February 2017. Paid 2 month Internship - Onsite Live In Reception Duty Managing Role At Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery in Oamaru between Christchurch and Dunedin (always 2 positions on alternate shifts) - Includes Accommodation + Base rate of $100 GROSS or $88 Net weekly. Commission applies of $2 per converted online booking confirmation, cancellation processing, phone and email booking confirmations, guest check in, guest extension of stay and all sales on our reception, this is paid NET at the end date of every month and at completion of internship. Effectively you can continue to travel whilst having the security of a place to call home, an ability to earn income whilst all the time meeting new people and making friends. 1 position available approximately 18th August 2016 - 2 month duration - looking to fill position as soon as possible to the right person if you are close by Oamaru? The Internship comes up every month. This position will suit backpackers on a working holiday visa that have an interest in the tourism industry and would like to learn the accommodation trade, someone that would like a place to call home and at the same time to explore Oamaru and the surrounding areas, if you are interested in music and or art, Oamaru and Chillawhile offers a creative environment which attracts creative guests. Ideal person for our reception - Warm Friendly nature, love people, interest in music or art and a creative environment. Basic Math, English level to take phone bookings during Reception Hours (sometimes). The position offers flexibility as there are 2 on site reception duty personnel, there are opportunities to take short travel brakes or alternatively cover extra shifts and earn more income. ie visit Dunedin, Queenstown or Mount Cook and the ski fields, you can work 3 days on 4 days off, or 4 days on 3 days off and this can be arranged between the 2 reception duty personnel. There is an evening shift followed by a morning shift this allows you to say goodbye to the guests you checked in. Reception shift 4pm - 7pm involves checking in guests, receiving payment, showing our guests around our hostel, facilities and gardens, email confirmation bookings, phones (sometimes) laundry and cashing up, the online booking system is co managed by the owner. 7pm to 9pm On Call - reception operated by buzzer. Accommodation is included due to the on site nature of this role. May to October months are quiet in Oamaru and we change our reception hours 4pm to 6pm and on call 6pm to 9pm... Morning shift 2.5 hours 10am - 12.30pm, We have volunteer guests that stay up to 2 weeks whilst exploring the Oamaru area and they help and stay instead of paying, (This is how the hostel industry started as it was guests duty to contribute, thus eliminating cleaning costs which keeps prices low and accessible for young solo travellers) we keep moral at a high and harmony is a priority, it is our job to guide and inspire our volunteers to help us in our daily routine and creative projects. Phones are handled by the owner throughout the day, phones can be transferred direct to the hostel during reception hours 4pm to 9pm - this allows the owner the possibility to have quality family time in the evening and for you to earn extra commission on phones. Prior housekeeping and/or reception experience is an asset although not essential, looking for someone competent at basic maths and English level to receive phone reservations. We will train you on all aspects of cleaning. We have 2 steam mops, a hand held steam cleaner, a UV-C Anti-Allergy handheld Vacuum Cleaner + 3 vacuum cleaners for efficient and healthy cleaning. What you can expect - Accommodation, Internet, laundry, quality professionally maintained bikes for reception personnel, lots of social spaces and gardens at our hostel and you can always find a quiet space to relax. This role comes up once a month, less should we extend an internship when someone decides to stay with us for a longer period. We always meet our reception personnel before we make a final commitment, if you are the right person for the role we can put you on our reception, pay starts from training and you will train with the leaving personnel member of our team, current personnel member and the owner. Must have an IRD number and working holiday visa. At the completion of Internship and after some travel - if you would like to return to Chillawhile Backpackers we offer a free 3 day stay in our dormitory room. The minimum duration of reception role is 2 months and it is possible to extend up to a 3 month stay if you choose. What you would expect to gain from this experience through training and guidance is the importance of professionalism always in all aspects, problem solving, an understanding of human nature, business, people skills, people management and the online competitive world of the accommodation industry - start your own business with your eyes wide open. You can expect to complete the Internship with a Report detailing what you learned and your management experience gained during your stay with us, in effect a reference from Chillawhile for future career prospects and study opportunities. If a creative environment is what you are looking for and you are interested in this role please email some information about yourself with a link to an online profile perhaps your own travel blog or facebook page. I would also love to talk with you directly, so phone me 03 4370168 or mobile 0277220444 and we can discuss; Chillawhile, Oamaru and of course yourself and what expectations you might have of us and vice versa. Warm Regards Kelly Lindberg and the Chillawhile Team Chillawhile Backpackers Art Gallery | 1 Frome Street | Oamaru | New Zealand | Phone (03) 437 0168 | Mobile 0277220444

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