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MECHANICAL FITTER - NEEDED - NEW ZEALAND We have an exciting opportunity available working for a well-known progressive engineering company. If you are reading this you are most likely looking for a change? Looking to grow and develop within an organisation? Wanting to work for a company where your input makes a difference. Maybe you are wanting to work for a Manager who can honestly say 'yes, been there, done that' and that can walk the walk and talk to the talk. Above that you are probably wanting to work for a company that does not have old equipment which breaks down (constantly) and is not afraid of investing in the plant and its' people. IF YOU ARE STILL READING THIS I HAVE GOT YOU ATTENTION!! What am I looking for?:- - Someone that has a strong background within a manufacturing or production environment. - A minimum of 3-5 years experience as a fully-qualified fitter. - Understands the importance of scheduled and preventative maintenance. - A good understanding of lean manufacturing. - Must be able to read mechanical schematics. - Have excellent communication skills. - Someone that is very H&S focused. What is in it for you? * Rewarded fairly (above market rates) * Flight paid for * Relocation package * Work in a great team * The opportunity to work with some of the world's most advanced technology (of it's kind) * A company that has great progression YES... YOU NEED TO CALL NOW! EMAIL: CALL: +44(0)1229 343791 TEXT: +44(0)7547 979921 or +44(0)7842 773077 Follow us on: Snapchat: svrpower2018 Instagram: SVR Power Limited Like our Facebook Page: SVR Power Limited

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