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Hawke's Bay


Farm work / Picking

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Spring is here time to go outdoor! Help us in turning our apple trees from blossom to awesome! We need some hardworking people to do some thinning work so the apples will be turned into big and red with your help! It's the perfect timing! Come join us in our charming apple orchard in sunny Hastings and work within a team of awesome individuals from all over the world! Explore together attractions such as Te Mata Peak Cape Kidnapper or simply lay back and enjoy the beaches nearby! What's apple thinning? It involves removing the excess fruits or bad fruits from the apple trees in order to let good ones grow bigger and better. IT IS NOT PICKING. SO YOU DON'T NEED CARRY ANY BAG. JUST THROW AWAY THE FRUITS. EASY! However you must use ladder most of the time to reach the top fruits also meaning you must not afraid of height. You are entitled to at least minimum hourly wages i.e. $16.50+8%. Essential Information Starting date: 03/01/19 Job duration: 3 weeks Hours : 8 to 9 hours a day. 5 days of work sometimes Saturday. Find your own accommodation Requirements Height of 160cm or taller You'll need to be physically fit (as mentioned carrying and climbing ladders) YOU MUST HAVE VALID VISA TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB! Own transportation is preferred if you are interested and suitable for all of the above condition please apply with the following information : Full name: Age: Gender: Nationality: Height: NZ Mobile: Email: Visa Type: Visa Expiry Date: Transport : Current Location: Ask away if there is any questions that you need clarification. Get in touch as soon as possible to have your position secured!

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