Field / Laboratory Technician

Company: SVR Power
Category: Construction / Trades
Type of Job: Paid position


A metallurgist background and 5-10 years experience on a similar role.The position is Auckland based, with posible travels through NZ.

It is a combination of laboratory and field work, reporting to the lab manager and with no direct reports.

The role is focussed on failure analysis to determine not only the failure mechanism but also the root cause, which may be related to misuse, poor maintenance practices, or improper application, or related to the material properties, design, or manufacture of the product or part.

Chemical analysis would also be often required as a stand alone service to determine or verify a materila’s properties without necessarily being involved in failure.

The candidate will:

Make an assessment of the damage and conditions leading to failure, including investigating fracture, corrosion, and/or wear conditions
Concludes with a synthesis and interpretation of results
Write a report with follow-up recommendations on preventing future failures
The candidate will be familiar and have hands on experience with the following:

Collection of background data and selection of samples
Selection, identification, preservation, and/or cleaning of critical specimens
Preliminary examination of the failed part (visual examination and record keeping)
Macroscopic examination and analysis (fracture surfaces, secondary cracks, and other surface phenomena)
Chemical analyses (bulk, local, surface corrosion products, and deposits or coatings)
Stress analysis to determine the actual stress state of the failed component
Metallography or microstructural analysis
Testing under simulated service conditions
Fracture mechanics and determination of the fracture mode
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