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Work from anyhere! (Please don't attach your CV) At Fill Your Boot we are looking for happy, trustworthy people with clean driving records who are interested in providing a fantastic service to their fellow Fill Your Boot community members. We provide a service for people who are looking to move their stuff via unused space in or on other community members vehicles. Be it, the teams sporting equipment, students moving home, that late birthday present for uncle Joe up North, the bands wirlygig for the whatsamahuzit. Anyway, you get the picture, anything that is safe to travel. There is 1000's of cubic metres of unused space travelling around the country right this very second. This is where the opportunity lies for you to help others, by selling them your spare space. YOU the host driver, will make your offering and communicate with potential customers via our website You and the person wishing to shift their stuff will make arrangements, like, where to meet to collect their stuff and where they want their stuff delivered on arrival. The two of you are totally in control of the process and are protected by our member feedback system. As a host driver you will want to achieve high ranking feedback so that you get many more customers asking for your services. You set the price that you wish to charge. When you sign up to FYB you will be asked for some detail about yourself. Promote yourself well and use a good profile picture. Don't be shy, the more the customer knows about you the quicker you will be earning on your next road trip. We look forward to you working within our community and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via our website. Please note: This is a commission only based role and is dependant upon you offering suitable transport to fellow FYB community members. BEST OF LUCK!

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