Important Contacts & Telephone Numbers for Travelling New Zealand©
Important Contacts & Telephone Numbers for Travelling New Zealand

Important Contacts & Telephone Numbers for Travelling New Zealand


Useful Phone Numbers and Contact Information for Travelling

There’s no such thing as being too prepared and if that involves jotting down some important telephone numbers and contacts for travelling in New Zealand, then here you are. This quick guide lists some useful phone numbers, as well as the emergency number for New Zealand, just in case you need them.

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New Zealand Dialling Code

The dialling code for New Zealand is +64.

If calling a New Zealand phone number from overseas, dial the country code “+64” before the phone number you are trying to reach. For example, if you’re trying to reach 12345678910, you will need to dial “+64 12345678910”.

Alternatively, you can use the International Call Prefix, which is “00” instead of the “+”. So to call 12345678910 from overseas, dial “00 64 12345678910”.

Important Contacts & Telephone Numbers for Travelling New Zealand©

Emergency Contacts

The New Zealand emergency number is 111.

If you are in an emergency and need a quick response from the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance or Search and Rescue, the emergency number 111 is the best number to call. It is free to call from New Zealand.

If you need to call or visit a hospital in a non-emergency, find your nearest hospital on the Ministry of Health website.

If you need to contact the police in a non-emergency, find your nearest police station on the New Zealand Police website.

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Useful Phone Numbers While Travelling

If you need to jot down any phone numbers before you hit the road, then these are the handy ones to know.

Immigration New Zealand

For information concerning visas, call Immigration New Zealand on 09 914 4100.

Air New Zealand

For flight information, call Air New Zealand on 0800 737 000.

Airport Telephone Numbers

For Auckland Airport, call 09 275 0789.
For Wellington Airport, call 04 385 5100.
For Christchurch Airport, call 03 353 7777.
For Queenstown Airport, call 03 450 9031.

Cook Strait Ferries

For Interislander, call 04 498 3302.
For Bluebridge, call 0800 844 844.

New Zealand Transport Agency

For highway information, call 0800 44 44 49.
To report a road issue, call 0800 44 44 49.
To pay for a toll road, call 0800 40 20 20.

Embassy Phone Numbers

Check out the database for embassies in New Zealand on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website to find embassy phone numbers.

Department of Conservation

For reporting illegal activities concerning conservation, reporting sick or dead wildlife, or damaged/unsafe tracks, huts, campsites run by DOC, call 0800 362 468.

Important Contacts & Telephone Numbers for Travelling New Zealand©

How to Find a Phone Number in New Zealand

To find this website you’re on right now, you probably know a thing or two about using a search engine to find a phone number. If you’re looking for the New Zealand phone number directory, it’s, which lists both people and businesses.

For operator assistance or if you’d prefer to listen to the phone numbers of New Zealand people and businesses, you can call the following directory and operator numbers:

  • National Directory –  018
  • International Directory –  0172
  • National Operator –  010
  • International Operator – 017

More About Communication and Telephone Numbers in New Zealand

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