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10 Free Wi-Fi Spots in New Zealand Where You’ll Actually Have a Good Connection

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Where to Find Free Wi-Fi in New Zealand

Yep, finding free Wi-Fi in New Zealand that is actually decent in New Zealand is a bit of a tough one. The very fact that we have put together this article of only 10 good free Wi-Fi spots across the entire of New Zealand might seem a bit bizarre to you, but when it comes to free Wi-Fi (and a lot of other things) New Zealand is a bit behind the times. It’s all part of its charm, don’t you think? Nevertheless, when you want to video call home, binge watch our travel videos on YouTube or book your next accommodation and activities, where can you go for good free Wi-Fi in New Zealand?

Along with our guide to getting a good Internet connection in New Zealand, we have put together a list of decent free Wi-Fi across New Zealand. You may also want to compare the phone network providers to see which one offers the best data packages, as this can often be cheaper than paying for Wi-Fi.

1. Te Papa Museum

Let’s start with one of the most famous free Wi-Fi spots in New Zealand: the Te Papa Museum! Sure, it’s a great museum, but what makes it greater is logging into the free WiFi. What’s more, it’s actually decent! You’ll even be able to watch on YouTube – that’s how fast it is.

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2. Britomart

Get 1GB per day in all of the public spaces in Britomart. Just accept the terms and conditions on the page that pops up in the browser when you log into the Britomart Wi-Fi and you have 1GB to enjoy. That’s enough to send 200,000 emails, view 8,000 different websites, or watch videos for seven hours!

Location: Auckland, North Island

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3. The Library

Libraries are still a thing, which is awesome because most libraries in New Zealand offer free Wi-Fi! That’s why you see more people sat outside on their phones than people inside them. Wi-Fi connection does vary between libraries and locations. You will find the best Wi-Fi connections at city libraries like Auckland (search “Auckland WiFi”), Christchurch (search “Christchurch City Libraries”), Dunedin and more!

Location: Nationwide.

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4. Cafes

If you value a good Kiwi coffee, then you will probably consider the free Wi-Fi offered in many cafes across New Zealand as a free bonus! Many cafes across New Zealand advertise free Wi-Fi with any purchase. Just ask at the counter when you order. Wi-Fi connections tend to be good in cafes in New Zealand, but don’t be surprised if you come across a bad egg.

Location: Nationwide.

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5. Auckland City Centre

If you only need to browse for 30 minutes per day, then Auckland city centre’s free WiFi, AucklandWiFi@Tomizone, is a good option. The best Wi-Fi connections can be accessed from Aotea Square, North Wharf, Queen Street, Queens Wharf, Viaduct Harbour, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland Central City Library, Auckland Art Gallery, and the Britomart Transport Station. Once you’re 30 minutes/day are up, you will have to pay to continue using the service.

Location: Auckland, North Island

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6. Spark Wi-Fi Hotspots

Customers of the Spark mobile network get to make the most of over 1,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots around New Zealand! To get your Wi-Fi passcode, you just need to provide your account details on the Spark website including your account number. You will need to update this passcode every three months. The free Wi-Fi is limited to 1GB per day.

Location: Nationwide

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7. Wellington Waterfront

Look for “Trade Me” free Wi-Fi on the Wellington Waterfront, which tends to be a lot better connection than other free city Wi-Fi spots. The grassy area outside of St John’s Bar and by the TSB Arena are places where you can get a good Wi-Fi connection.

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8. i-SITES

New Zealand’s biggest brand of information centres, the i-SITE, has information centres in most main towns and cities in New Zealand. Not only are they great for picking up some leaflets, but more than 32 of them offer free Wi-Fi. Most of them are usually a decent connection for browsing websites and checking emails.

Location: Nationwide

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9. Accommodation

While many accommodations charge for Wi-Fi in New Zealand, some kind hostels, motels and holiday parks do offer free Wi-Fi – sometimes even unlimited. The quality of the connection can greatly differ between accommodations though, and it’s usually a trick of finding where is the best spot to sit in the accommodation to get the best Wi-Fi. Bazil’s Hostel in Westport, Archie’s Bunker in Napier and Tombstone Backpackers in Picton are particularly good.

Location: Nationwide.

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10. Airports

Airports in New Zealand have some of the best free WiFi connections in New Zealand! No joke! This can really help pass the time when waiting for your flight. Our favourite one is Christchurch Airport which offers free unlimited Wi-Fi and Queenstown Airport with 2GB per day. Find out more about New Zealand’s airports in Which Airport to Arrive in New Zealand.

Location: Nationwide.



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