Fiordland National Park – Guide for Backpackers


Cruise the Fiords and Get Harassed by a Kea in Fiordland!

Once again, the New Zealand scenery dramatically changes. For many, their favourite NZ landscape is the fiords of Fiordland National Park! Glacial erosion has left spectacular landforms in the area, most famous of which are Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound. In this backpacker guide to Fiordland National Park, we’ll go through some of the main attractions to give you an idea of what travelling Fiordland is like.

You can’t drive anywhere without wanting to stop every five minutes to take photos of the huge valleys and lakes, so it’s no surprise that Fiordland National Park is one of the few that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This remote area of New Zealand is protected partially due to wildlife, which provide immense entertainment for backpackers, especially kea.

Fiordland National Park is a paradise for anyone who has legs and likes to use them. Three of the Great Walks are in the national park.

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