Cheapest Airport Transfer Options for Auckland Airport©
Cheapest Airport Transfer Options for Auckland Airport

The Cheapest Airport Transfers for Auckland Airport šŸš [2024]


Auckland Airport Transfer Comparison

Auckland Airport: as the busiest international transport hub for New Zealand, this is most likely where you will begin and end your adventure. There are a few transport options to get you to and from the airport, but which one is the best choice really depends on how much convenience you want to be coupled with the price. Additionally, you may find some transport methods are better than others if you are travelling with one or more people.

The different methods of transport between Auckland city and Auckland Airport include the purpose-run SkyDrive, Super Shuttle, taxis, Uber and by taking a public transport train-and-bus route. We’ll compare them all in this guide to the cheapest airport transfers to Auckland Airport.

Where is Auckland Airport?

Auckland Airport is situated in Manukau, about 20 km (12 mi) south of Auckland Central. If you need to go to/from the airport to/from a location not between Auckland Central and Manukau, then there’s plenty of other public transport in Auckland to get you to an Auckland Airport route. Just check out our guide to Public Transport in Auckland.

5 Tips for Auckland Airport Transport

  1. Have some cash handy! Most public transport requires you to pay in cash (except SkyDrive)
  2. Signal the bus driver, if waiting at a quiet bus stop
  3. Taxis, Super Shuttle and SkyDrive ranks are well signposted within Auckland Airport
  4. Ask what the airport flat fare is before using a taxi service
  5. It goes without saying, but give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the airport before your flight; usually 2-3 hours before an international flight and 1 hour before a domestic flight.

And for tips for arriving at Auckland Airport, check out Arriving in New Zealand: Airport Customs, Biosecurity & the Arrival Process.

Watch the Video: What are the Best Auckland Airport Transfers?

There is much more information below, but if you are after a quick watch, this video may be for you. Our team discusses the best options to get from Auckland Airport to Auckland Central:

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Auckland Airport Transfer by SkyDrive – The Auckland Airport Bus

SkyDrive is an express bus service transporting passengers between Auckland Airport’s domestic and international terminals and Auckland Central. The bus does not make stops between Auckland Airport and Auckland Central.

Tickets can be purchased at the SkyDrive website or from the driver (card payments only).

The journey with SkyDrive takes approximately 40 minutes. However, it will take longer during peak traffic times, between 8 am and 10 am and 3 pm and 6 pm.

SkyDrive Bus Stops

SkyDrive’s bus stops are:

  • outside of the SkyCity complex on Hobson Street in Auckland Central,
  • opposite Door 8 at Auckland Airport’s international terminal,
  • and outside Door 4 of the domestic terminal.

The bus does not make stops between these destinations.

The Cost of Taking the Auckland Airport Bus

SkyDrive offers the best-value options for solo travellers with one-way tickets costing under NZ$20 per adult, under NZ$10 per child, and NZ$12-$15 per senior or student. Note that prices are approximately due to their subject to change.

Auckland Airport Bus Operational Hours

SkyDive operates between 5 am and 10:30 pm, seven days a week. Departures are every 30 minutes.

The Pros and Cons of Using the Auckland Airport Bus

Using the Auckland Airport bus has the obvious benefit of being one of the cheapest Auckland Airport transfers, especially if you’re travelling solo. Additionally, the service is one of the quickest to get you between Auckland Central and Auckland Airport.

On the downside, the Auckland Central bus stop on Hobson Street might not be the most convenient location for you to get to. Should you have heavy baggage to carry, you might be better off using one of the door-to-door services listed below.

Is SkyBus in Auckland Still Running?

The Auckland SkyBus is no longer operating. It has now been replaced with SkyDrive.

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Airport Transfer by Train and Bus – The Cheapest Way to Get to Auckland Airport

The cheapest public transport option for a single person to get between Auckland Central and Auckland Airport is by taking the train between Britomart Train Station (city centre) and Puhinui Train Station, then taking the AirportLink bus service between Puhinui Train Station and Auckland Airport.

How Long Does it Take to Take the Train and Bus to Auckland Airport?

  • Britomart Station to Puhinui Station – 33-36 minutes
  • Puhinui Station to Domestic Terminal – 13-17 minutes
  • Puhinui Station to International Terminal – 18-20 minutes.

Ok, so it’s not the most convenient route, as you have to change from train to bus, but the journey time is not all that different from the SkyDrive express bus due to the trains and AirportLink bus being more efficient by operating every 10 minutes from 4:30 am to 12:40 am, seven days a week.

The Cost of Using Public Transport to Get to Auckland Airport

The cost of using the train and bus to bet between Auckland Central and Auckland Airport is under NZ$15 per adult or just under NZ$10 if using an AT HOP card. Note that prices are approximately due to their subject to change.

Find out more about the AT HOP card in our guide to Public Transport in Auckland.

Auckland Airport to Onehunga Bus

Note that there is also a bus service between the suburb of Onehunga and Auckland Airport, called Route 38, and takes approximately 30-35 minutes.

More Information About Using Public Transport to Get to Auckland Airport

Find out more about all of the Auckland Transport public transport options for connecting to Auckland Airport at the Auckland Transport website.


Auckland Airport Transfers by Taxi and Uber

Universally recognised as the most convenient way to travel between airports and their retrospective cities, airport taxis also await eagerly outside of the terminals of Auckland Airport. Ubers can also be booked via the Uber app.

The Cost of Auckland Airport Taxis

Many of Auckland’s taxi services offer a flat rate between various destinations in Auckland and Auckland Airport. Flat rate fares are usually between NZ$40-$100 between the airport and the city centre. Always be sure to ask how much the fare will cost before you use the service, so you don’t get any nasty surprises, i.e. metred fares could cost between NZ$90-$130.

The Cost of Auckland Airport Ubers

Similarly to taxis, Ubers cost approximately NZ$45-$105 for services between Auckland Central and Auckland Airport.

Why Use a Taxi or an Uber to Get to the Auckland Airport

Taking a taxi to Auckland Airport is worth considering if you are a couple or more people to split the fare price. Plus, as you can be picked up/dropped off at any location, you don’t have the inconvenience of carrying your baggage too far.

To find out more about taxi services and prices in Auckland, check out our complete guide, Auckland Cab Fare: Taxi Prices in Auckland.

A Note About Uber and the Auckland Airport

While Uber drivers can drop off riders at the Auckland Airport, they are not permitted to pick up passengers at the airport unless they are registered with the Auckland Airport. There is an airport surcharge of NZ$2 for drop-off and NZ$5 for pick-up which is automatically added to the passenger’s fee.©

Auckland Airport Shuttle – Transfer by Shuttle Bus

Getting an airport shuttle from Auckland Airport is a cheap and flexible way to reach the city. While some hotels in Auckland offer their own airport shuttle services, an independent shuttle service is Super Shuttle.

Super Shuttle, which is an airport-to-door/door-to-airport service, may be worth considering if you are travelling as a group, as the shuttle price per person decreases the more people you buy the service with.

The Cost of Super Shuttle to the Auckland Airport

The Super Shuttle between Auckland Central and Auckland Airport costs approximately NZ$30-$40 per person.

Why Use an Auckland Airport Shuttle?

You may want to take the shuttle if you are going to a stop that is not on the public transport or SkyDrive route. Plus, you won’t have to drag your bags to a bus stop, as they can pick you up from your accommodation’s doorstep.

On the downside, when using a shuttle from Auckland Airport, your journey time could be longer than if you were taking a taxi if there are more passengers to drop off/pick-up in the shuttle, which is very often the case.

More on the Cheapest Airport Transfers for Auckland Airport

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