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Cheap Eats in Wellington

The Top Cheap Eats in Wellington

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Where to Get a Cheap Meal in Wellington

We know, we know, you can save so much more money on food by cooking in your hostel. But what if one night, you don’t want to cook? What if the alluring smells of food in the city are just far too enticing?! Well, just to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of cheap eats in Wellington so you don’t have to break the bank when you want to treat yourself to some good food.

Although Wellington is not the most affordable city for food, you can certainly find some justifiable lunch deals to make your mouth water and your wallet wiggle with joy. You can enjoy 2-for-1 deals, cheap Tuesdays, weekly deals and just a good affordable menu. Wellington has a good balance of Kiwi, European and Asian eateries for most of us to enjoy.

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5 Foodie Experiences in Wellington

Before we get onto the cheap stuff, you may want to check out what culinary experiences lie within Wellington. If you love food so much you want to make an activity out of it, then try these awesome foodie experiences in Wellington”

  • Taste the flavours of the world right in the heart of Wellington at the Wellington Night Markets, Left Bank on Friday nights and Lower Cuba Street on Saturday nights
  • You always need to stock up on healthy veges, so you might as well do it at the Harbourside Market, next to Te Papa, every Sunday morning
  • Go on a craft beer crawl in Wellington which boasts around 30 breweries and craft beer bars
  • Time your stay in Wellington with Wellington on a Plate, the two-week food festival in August
  • See the culinary highlights with Zest Food Tour.

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Cheap Eats in Wellington – Under $10

Cheap Lunch Deals in Wellington

It doesn’t get cheaper at lunchtime than a hot dog and fries at the Preservatorium Cafe and Cannery, 45 Webb St, for $5! Alternatively, get a surprisingly hearty $10 lunch box from Fidel’s Cafe, 234 Cuba St, including a savoury pastry with salad on the side. You’re also spoiled for choice for $10 lunch options at Phoenician Cuisine, 245 Cuba Street, for kebabs stuffed with all kinds of Lebanese goodness! The craft beer specialists at Little Beer Quarter, 6 Edward St, also offer a mean $10 lunch menu on a Thursday.

Thank Higher Taste, Old Bank Arcade, for their vegan and vegetarian cuisine, including the $10 paneer fried rice.

Cheap Hangover Cures in Wellington

Head down to Monterey, 4 Rintoul Street, for $10 burger night every Tuesday! You can’t do cheaper than Tuesday’s $2 taco night at Rogue and Vagabond, 18 Garrett Street, where you can add heaps of extra toppings and mix and match for a meal under $10.For the ultimate hangover cure, head to Pravda Cafe, 107 Customhouse Quay, for $10 bacon and eggs, Monday to Thursday from 7.30am-10.30am.

2-for-1 Meal Deal

When Mondays mean 2 for 1 on main meals which are at $22 at their most expensive, you can almost be sure that you’ll get a meal for under $10 at Chow, 45 Tory Street. Treat yourself and a special someone!

Street Food Treats in Wellington

Treat yourself to waffles at the Little Waffle Shop, 53 Courtenay Place, for under $10. Seek out the Greek Food Truck, usually on Dixon/Taranaki Street or the Waterfront, with plenty of offerings for $10. There are also heaps of deals to be found all in one place at The Capital Market, 151 Willis Street.

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Cheap Eats in Wellington – $11-$20

Affordable Asian Food in Wellington

The Malaysian restaurant of Little Penang, Dixon Street, often rates highly with customers for mains at are reasonably priced around $15.90 – plus, it only gets cheaper at lunchtime so enjoy! More Asian cuisine can be enjoyed at the cheap and cheerful Fisherman’s Plate, Bond Street. They are said to do one of the best Vietnamese pho in town! More Vietnamese influences can be found in Apache, 122 Wakefield Street, with most meals on the menu being around $15.

For a vegetarian treat, get a $12 Nasi Campur from Aunty Mena Vegetarian Cafe, 167 Cuba Street. The Rock Yard, 18 Allen Street, isn’t exactly cheap Vietnamese food but it sure becomes cheap on 2-for-1 Tuesdays where you will find mains going into the $11-$20 price range for one.

European/American Meal Deals in Wellington

Start your Tuesday morning off with a Big Bay Breakfast and coffee for $16 at Maranui Cafe, 71 Lyall Parade. Burger Liquor on Willis Street serves heaps of affordable burgers (around $15), along with booze! A proper Kiwi lunch can be picked up at the Thorndon Chippery, 10A Murphy Street, with the $12 express lunch meal including panko-crumbed market fish, chips, coleslaw and aioli. Most things on the menu are under $20. For a taste of New Orleans in your sandwich, get a fish po boy from Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, 5 Courtenay Place, for just $12.50!

For a cheap and cheerful treat, taste the crepes from Crepes A-Go-Go, 61 Manners Street, for around $8 each.

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Cheap Eats in Wellington – $21-$30

Proper Pizzas in Wellington

If you are serious about Italian-style pizza, then get down to Tommy Millions, Courtenay Place, for proper pizzas, subs and gelato! Obviously, the former is the more expensive option with pizzas being around $25.

Affordable Lunch Menu Deals at Fine Restaurants

It is also possible to dine fancy in Wellington without the huge price tag. Take the lunchtime menu at the Havana Bar, Wigan Street, for instance. Choose from a set lunch menu of European cuisine for $29.90. For a bit of fine dining Asian cuisine, the main meals at Dragonfly, 70 Courtenay Place, are around $29.

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