A Complete Guide to the Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand Do you want to try working abroad, gain amazing life experience, and see more than the typical “tourist” sees? Then experiencing
The Picking Seasons and Regions in New Zealand A great way to fund your travels and see the countryside is by doing some fruit and veggie picking work. Because picking is a seasonal job, backpackers c
Don’t Feel Like an Interview? Check Out Easy Jobs to Get in New Zealand The thought of going through a whole job application and interview process is often daunting. After all, a gap year is all
Find Work for Accommodation and Meals No, this article is not about noisy dogs. It is actually about two ways you can volunteer 4-6 hours of work a day in exchange for accommodation, food and cultural
Get Your New Zealand Tax Back Throughout your working holiday in New Zealand, you have most likely worked to fund your travels, while seeing your wages deducted on your payslip as part of the Pay As Y
Write a Wicked CV for New Zealand! In New Zealand, we call that document with your work experience and skills on a “curriculum vitae”, or much more commonly, a “CV”. Having one
Want to Stay in New Zealand a Little Longer? If you are a UK citizen already in New Zealand with a working holiday visa, you can extend your 12-month visa to 23 months. In order to do this, you simply
The New Zealand Tax System While working in New Zealand you will have to pay taxes. Luckily for you, New Zealand has a very easy Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, which means that this tax is usually pai
Opening a New Zealand Bank Account For many backpackers and working holidaymakers, opening a new bank account when travelling overseas can be quite daunting. You may find yourself lost and drowning in
What is it Like to Do a Fruit Picking Job in New Zealand? Picking is the go-to job for backpackers. With no long-term commitments and a pretty easy job to get, it’s a great way to make quick mon
Know Your Working Rights If you are planning a working holiday in New Zealand, you should know your employment rights. There are a set of employment laws in New Zealand to give rights and obligations
3 Huge Industries in New Zealand New Zealand’s got to make money. Considering how far away from the rest of the world NZ is, this doesn’t hinder its ability to export a lot of goods. In pa
Quick Methods of Finding a Job in New Zealand Jobs are pretty easy to come by in New Zealand, even seasonal jobs for working holidaymakers. A question we are often asked is if the working holiday visa
What is it Like to Work in the New Zealand Dairy Industry? Earning good money while experiencing the local culture is what most backpackers are after here in New Zealand. One industry seems to have it