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Penguins are Awesome. Enough Said. New Zealand gives you the rare opportunity to observe penguins in their natural habitat. The three main penguin species native to New Zealand are the little blue pen
Where to See Glowworms: New Zealand’s Bright Shiny Maggots If you fancy a starry night even on a cloudy evening, then go hunt for glowworms. The maggots with shining internal organs are found in
See a Real-life Kiwi! Considering kiwis are New Zealand’s national icon, you would think they are everywhere. They’re not. Kiwi birds are not only an endangered species but nocturnal so ch
Where to Go Whale Watching in New Zealand There’s nothing like the rush of excitement felt when spotting a huge body appearing from the water, finishing with the graceful emergence of an almight
Where to See Glowworms for Free in New Zealand New Zealand’s most interesting maggots are not only found in the caves with a price tag. These native creatures can be found all over New Zealand,
Where to Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand Not many experiences match that of swimming with some of the world’s most intelligent (and ridiculously cute) creatures. A must-do in New Zealand is to
Where to See Seals in New Zealand Why is New Zealand an awesome country for backpackers? Because of these priceless activities such as watching wild seal pups playing in the water. But where exactly c
The Guide to Fishing in New Zealand The world is your oyster when it comes to fishing in New Zealand a lot more bad fish cliches to come, we’re afraid. New Zealand’s excellent fishing scen
Have a “Horsesome” Time in New Zealand! If Gandalf can use a horse to navigate Middle-earth, why can’t you?! A huge aspect of New Zealand’s appeal is indeed the mountains, hill
What Wildlife Activities Can You Do in New Zealand? For rare and rewarding wildlife experiences, look no further than New Zealand. By being on the isolated continent of Zealandia, New Zealand’s
Have You Got Game? Hunting in New Zealand is a way of getting outdoors surrounded by stunning scenery and helping with the conservation effort in New Zealand. When we pesky humans started migrating to
The Best Places to See Penguins in New Zealand Yes, New Zealand has penguins and a whole lot of them! While penguins can be seen all over New Zealand, from the tip of the North Island all the way to t
Where to Fish in The Catlins Located on the southeastern coast of the South Island, between the settlements of Balclutha and Fortrose, The Catlins is one of New Zealand’s most underrated fishing
Whales and Dolphins in Auckland to Look Out For Some of the oceans most impressive marine mammals reside in the waters of Auckland city. It’s not all that uncommon to see whales and dolphins in