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Make Your New Zealand Gap Year the Best it Can Be! You might think that by simply arriving in a country on the other side of the world, everything is going to change for you – everything will fa
Backpacker Facebook Groups to Join in New Zealand One of the scary things about travelling to New Zealand is going to a country where you don’t know anyone. Well, there is an active group of bac
Tips to Keep Your Belongings Safe When Travelling Although New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world to travel in, safety is always a concern when travelling as a small incident can ruin
How to Have a Social Experience While Travelling Alone in New Zealand Crossing to the other side of the world for a big trip is a pretty bold move. Doing it on your own is just damn ballsy! Travelling
How to Make the Most of Backpacking Facebook Groups It’s pretty awkward when you ask a question on a backpacking or travel Facebook Group and you’re just met with tumbleweed rolling over y
Where to Book Activities in New Zealand New Zealand is a country where you “do stuff”. There’s so much to do, from skydives and bungy jumps to wine tours and hot pools. With a huge s
How to Backpack in New Zealand When You’re 30+ Great news, you are one of the thousands of over 30-year-olds looking to backpack in New Zealand. New Zealand is often a destination more “gr
Taking Better Travel Photos for Beginners New Zealand is a breathtaking country. Even the most resistant to posting photos on Instagram will find themselves snapping away at the majestic mountains, gl
New Zealand Laws for Travellers Things that you might take for granted back home might be illegal in New Zealand, from packing a banana in your bag to driving on the righthand side of the road. That&#
Avoid These Common Mistakes and Faux Pas You might be the coolest cat in your home country but you might be a bumbling idiot in New Zealand. Harsh words, we know, but this list of mistakes and faux pa
What is the New Zealand Electrical Outlet? How are you going to charge your phone or plug in your hairdryer in New Zealand?! Well, admittedly, most accommodations have hairdryers provided, but that