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The Ultimate List of New Zealand Travel Tips Ah, New Zealand! Known to the local Maori as “Aotearoa”, New Zealand is a remote country in the South Pacific famous for its dramatic scenery.
Everything You Need to Know About Backpacking in New Zealand New Zealand does things big: big landscapes, big activities, big hearts from the friendly locals, and generally big stuff. Backpacking in N
Tips and Tricks for Backpacking We like anything to make our lives easier, right? The same goes for backpacking. Being a badass globe-trotter isn’t easy so with that in mind we have put together
Your Best Travel Partner is You! When browsing the world wide web on anything to do with travel, chances are you will come across the words: “solo female travel”. This is the buzz phrase o
Sending Parcels Overseas (with NZ Post) So it is Christmas-time and you want to send some Kiwi treats back home whilst you’re on your gap year or working holiday? How nice of you. The other scen
Put the Selfie Stick Away! Kiwis are a fascinating species in New Zealand and one many have attempted to adapt to, but their behaviour is so obscure that many find it hard to fit in… So how does
New Zealand’s Visitor Information Centres As you start travelling around New Zealand, you will notice these “i-SITEs” more and more. To clear things up, we made this quick guide to w
Capture the Perfect Photograph of the Auroras! Seeing the Aurora Australis is so rare on a trip to New Zealand that if and when you are lucky enough to spot that green and pink hue on the horizon, you
All Those Little Life Hacks for Travelling New Zealand Our favourite type of hacking is lifehacking. We’ve assembled all those little travel hacks that could make your life in New Zealand much e
Should You Fly Your Drone to New Zealand? New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes make the ideal aerial shot for Instagram posts or for your YouTube travel video. However, with drones becoming mor
How to Meet People When Travelling in New Zealand “Just because you are travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely” is a quote you’ve probably seen a thousand times wh
How Will You Remember Your Travels? Prepare for the busiest trip of your life! As you travel around New Zealand, people will ask you what you have done on your travels and when? You’ve done so m
The Perfect Gift for a Gap Year! What do you get for the keen traveller who doesn’t want to overload their backpack with “stuff”? Especially as backpacking around New Zealand or anyw
The Essential Travel Tips for New Zealand Travelling to Aotearoa, a.k.a New Zealand? Then these are the essential New Zealand travel tips you need to know! Whether you are in the Land of the Long Whit
Everything You Need to Know About Sending Mail in New Zealand Sending mail? What is that? Why don’t we just use Whatsapp? We know, we know, sending mail seems a little unnecessary these days but