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New Zealand’s Visitor Information Centres As you start travelling around New Zealand, you will notice these “i-SITEs” more and more. To clear things up, we made this quick guide to w
What’s Up, DOC? As you are travelling around New Zealand, it’s difficult to miss the iconic yellow and green signs from the DOC. But what exactly is the DOC? New Zealand’s Department
The Maori New Year in New Zealand Matariki is the Maori name given to the star cluster known as the Pleiades. For many iwis (tribes), seeing the star cluster rise before dawn around late-May early-Jun
Capture the Perfect Photograph of the Auroras! Seeing the Aurora Australis is so rare on a trip to New Zealand that if and when you are lucky enough to spot that green and pink hue on the horizon, you
Tree-hugging in New Zealand You’ll hear the phrase “bushwalk” a lot in New Zealand. That’s because walking through the native forest is a favourite past time. You’ll see
Businesses from New Zealand What? THAT comes from New Zealand? There is this on-going joke about how no one has ever heard of New Zealand. Ok, so it is the newest populated country, so it has had a lo
All Those Little Life Hacks for Travelling New Zealand Our favourite type of hacking is lifehacking. We’ve assembled all those little travel hacks that could make your life in New Zealand much e
Odd Stuff About New Zealand Every country has its quirky side, but New Zealand is definitely a country that embraces it! From the funny place names to the national wizard, there’s a bunch of wei
Discount Cards for Travelling in New Zealand As a backpacker, budget is the second-most important thing when travelling around New Zealand (the first most-important having the most epic trip of your l
What’s the Deal with this Kauri Tree? Travel up north of Auckland and you’ll notice the word “kauri” on signposts everywhere, from kauri forest walks and kauri dams to kauri mu
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in November? You’re onto a good thing with the weather in November. With the days getting warmer as this final month of spring approaches summer, the weathe
Learn About the Maori Haka! Seeing the Haka performed live or even on the TV is a captivating experience. No wonder you want to learn more about the Maori Haka! You’ve come to the right place, a
Even YOU Can Afford to Travel I wise man once said: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” It was probably Abraham Lincoln. He said a lot of noteworthy things, right? Ne
Keep New Zealand’s Lakes and Rivers Clean when Travelling 3,820 lakes are scattered across New Zealand, many of which are simply mind-blowing. Understandably, locals, tourists and backpackers do
Should You Fly Your Drone to New Zealand? New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes make the ideal aerial shot for Instagram posts or for your YouTube travel video. However, with drones becoming mor