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What Products are From New Zealand? When doing a working holiday in New Zealand there is no better way to immerse yourself in NZ culture than to conform to consumerism Ok, maybe there is. What we real
Traditional Kiwi Recipes! Food is just another way, if not the most popular way, to immerse yourself in a culture. Why not take your New Zealand trip to the next level by making some traditional New Z
You Can Help Protect Kiwi Too! Not only are kiwi birds unique and fascinating creatures, but they are pretty darn cute! New Zealand is the only place in the world with wild kiwi. That’s why it i
Facts and Figures About New Zealand Who doesn’t like a good statistic? Here, we have a whole bunch of interesting statistics for New Zealand to make this list of New Zealand in Numbers. New Zeal
What’s on the Box? You didn’t come all the way to New Zealand to watch TV. But sometimes, the time comes where you find yourself stuck flicking through the channels of your hostel or flat&
Visit the Most Beautiful Parts of New Zealand or Even the World? Where can you see that landscape that featured on the Lord of the Rings or has been grabbing your attention on Pinterest? Chances are,
How to Save Money on Food Shopping When Travelling on a Budget Compared to some other countries, food in New Zealand can seem pretty expensive. Some backpackers want to claw their eyes out when they s
No, it is Not a Female Kiwi The question that is on every traveller’s lips when they come to New Zealand: what is Kiwiana? What is this made-up word? (Ok, maybe it’s not on every traveller
What Did New Zealand Do First? Despite being one of the last large landmasses to be turned into a nation, New Zealand is a nation of firsts. It is a leading country in social achievements, as well as