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The People on the New Zealand Banknotes: Explained! Who is this guy on my money?! Knowing who is on the New Zealand banknotes is knowing some influential figures in New Zealand’s history –
Small Country: Big Stars! Here are the Most Famous New Zealanders With only 5 million people in New Zealand, it is pretty hard to secure a place in celebrity magazines. And it’s not like the 30
… Unless You’re From New Zealand! Ok, if you’re from New Zealand, you will know most things about the Maori people and the Maori culture. For the rest of us, the most we have probabl
Which Movies Were Filmed in New Zealand? It wasn’t just The Lord of the Rings that was filmed in New Zealand, you know. There is actually a lot of movies shot in New Zealand making NZ an awesome
What is the Meaning of the Haka? If you have heard anything about the New Zealand culture, no doubt you will have heard about the Haka. This captivating chant seen at many important New Zealand events
How to Talk Like a New Zealander Once you leave the tourist accommodations, chances are you will bump into a Kiwi – not the bird but a person from New Zealand. See, confusing already, eh? Use ou
Random Facts About New Zealand Whether you are preparing a trip and want to know more about the country, or want some facts to share with everyone you know, we have the list for you! Admittedly, some
The History of New Zealand Aotearoa New Zealand has a shorter human history than any other country. Short, yes, but the amount of change this country experienced was pretty phenomenal. It all started
What are the Meanings Behind Greenstone Pendants? Pounamu, more commonly known as jade or greenstone, is a stone mostly found on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. This precious stone
What Products are From New Zealand? When doing a working holiday in New Zealand there is no better way to immerse yourself in NZ culture than to conform to consumerism Ok, maybe there is. What we real
Facts and Figures About New Zealand Who doesn’t like a good statistic? Here, we have a whole bunch of interesting statistics for New Zealand to make this list of New Zealand in Numbers. New Zeal
Traditions Meet Contemporary Life in this Fascinating New Zealand Culture During your amazing adventure around New Zealand, do doubt you will hear Maori legends, learn about their short but fascinatin
What’s on the Box? You didn’t come all the way to New Zealand to watch TV. But sometimes, the time comes where you find yourself stuck flicking through the channels of your hostel or flat&
No, it is Not a Female Kiwi The question that is on every traveller’s lips when they come to New Zealand: what is Kiwiana? What is this made-up word? (Ok, maybe it’s not on every traveller