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The Top New Zealand Food, Snacks and Traditional Meals Trying the local cuisine is part of the parcel that is travelling, so why not try some of the famous New Zealand food while you’re explorin
Everyone’s Got to Eat. So Where to Get Your Groceries in New Zealand? When travelling in New Zealand, it’s cheaper to cook food in your hostel or flat than to indulge in eating in restaura
New Zealand Loves Beer The country is a beer-making nation with around 150 commercial breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs. Beer accounts for around 60% of alcohol for sale. The beers you will see t
Food, Glorious Food! Nothing beats a cultural experience than tasting the local cuisine. For New Zealand, the cuisine involves pies, drinks and spreads… But, let’s be honest, New Zealand&#
Backpackers Food That’s Easy to Travel with and Cook in a Hostel We all know it’s fun to eat but not so much if you have to carry the food while travelling around New Zealand. The key is d
Make Good Choices Getting some classic New Zealand fish and chips and don’t know what to try? Stocking up on tuna cans to get you through a hike or treating yourself to some local cuisine? Here&
Traditional Kiwi Recipes! Food is just another way, if not the most popular way, to immerse yourself in a culture. Why not take your New Zealand trip to the next level by making some traditional New Z
How to Save Money on Food Shopping When Travelling on a Budget Compared to some other countries, food in New Zealand can seem pretty expensive. Some backpackers want to claw their eyes out when they s
Winner, Winner, Potluck Dinner! The potluck dinner is becoming increasingly popular in hostels and in backpacker flatshares across New Zealand. Not surprising, considering it is a great idea for backp
Travelling as a Vegetarian in New Zealand In a country where dairy farming is its main industry and where hunting and fishing are part of the Kiwi lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine that travelling
Pasta Recipes Easy to Cook When You’re Travelling! Ah, pasta. How you have kept the hunger locked away during our times of budget travel. Pasta is the go-to food for many backpackers because a)
Sweet As Sweet Potatoes! New Zealanders love their sweet potatoes, or as it is known here, kumara! With some semi-tropical regions in the North Island giving an ideal growing climate, you know that ku
Cook Great Meals on the Cheap in a Hostel or Holiday Park Kitchen Cooking in a hostel can be challenging. Some holiday park and hostel kitchens are awesome and actually look like professional chefs ki
Spice Up the Ultimate Backpacker Food In the category of cheap, yummy and nutritious food, eggs hold a very important part of the backpackers’ diet. Should it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner,
Healthy(ish) and Yummy Hostel Food in No Time at All! Hostels kitchens are often busy and backpackers are always on the go. In short, hostel food needs to be quick, healthy and yummy. Plus hostel food