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New Zealand’s Weird and Wonderful Wildlife New Zealand was an island free of land mammals before us pesky humans arrived. In turn, this means a few unusual species of animals and birds evolved t
Fun Facts About Wildlife in New Zealand That’s right, New Zealand isn’t just all about the sheep… Learning about how wildlife evolves on an isolated set of islands in the South Pacif
“One of the Greatest Threats to Our Natural Environment” Something that shocks travellers when they arrive in the wonderful wildlife-filled country of New Zealand is that the Kiwis have a
You Can Help Protect Kiwi Too! Not only are kiwi birds unique and fascinating creatures, but they are pretty darn cute! New Zealand is the only place in the world with wild kiwi. That’s why it i
Visit the Most Beautiful Parts of New Zealand or Even the World? Where can you see that landscape that featured on the Lord of the Rings or has been grabbing your attention on Pinterest? Chances are,
Fun Things to Know About the Waitomo Caves Sure, the Waitomo Caves look impressive with their crazy rock formations and grottos of glowworms, but their history, discovery and inhabitants mean that the
Gotta Love Those Glaciers! Thousands of tons of snowfall compacted over hundreds of years turned into a solid blue mass of frozen ice: that, our friends, is the definition of a glacier (and just the b
What’s Up, DOC? As you are travelling around New Zealand, it’s difficult to miss the iconic yellow and green signs from the DOC. But what exactly is the DOC? New Zealand’s Department
Tree-hugging in New Zealand You’ll hear the phrase “bushwalk” a lot in New Zealand. That’s because walking through the native forest is a favourite past time. You’ll see
What’s the Deal with this Kauri Tree? Travel up north of Auckland and you’ll notice the word “kauri” on signposts everywhere, from kauri forest walks and kauri dams to kauri mu
Keep New Zealand’s Lakes and Rivers Clean when Travelling 3,820 lakes are scattered across New Zealand, many of which are simply mind-blowing. Understandably, locals, tourists and backpackers do
Dark Sky Reserves in New Zealand When you read or hear about New Zealand having a “Dark Sky Reserve” why should you care? Well, dark skies at night make for exceptional stargazing. Dark sk
Quick Facts About the Glowworms in New Zealand One of the most fascinating and magical wildlife to see in New Zealand is the glowworm. Arachnocampa luminosa, more commonly known as glowworms, decorate
Are Earthquakes Dangerous in New Zealand? New Zealand is famous for its jaw-dropping mountains that still continue to rise today thanks to the deformation of the Australian and Pacific plates. With th
Releasing a Kiwi Bird into the Wild Seeing a kiwi bird is something on many visitors’ New Zealand bucket list. So it’s great to know that we can help with the conservation of kiwis for tra