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A Complete Guide to the New Zealand Travel Cost How much does it cost to travel to New Zealand? Well, the answer is different for everyone depending on the transport taken, how many people are in the
How Much Will Your New Zealand Working Holiday Cost? Dreaming of travelling to New Zealand a.k.a. Middle-earth? Working and living abroad on a gap year is an amazing opportunity and one you shouldn
All Those Expenses to Consider for Your Big Trip We all need realistic ideas of how much things are going to cost on a backpacking trip, as it’s likely that we need to save up some money for the
Shopping on a Budget for Travellers If you are backpacking around New Zealand or spending a gap year here on a working holiday, chances are you will get sick of the sight of some of your clothes, afte
Save Money When Travelling in New Zealand Make the most of this precious gold! With so many fun adrenaline-pumping activities, vibrant eateries and bars, and souvenir jade necklaces to buy for all you
Discount Cards for Travelling in New Zealand As a backpacker, budget is the second-most important thing when travelling around New Zealand (the first most-important having the most epic trip of your l
Even YOU Can Afford to Travel I wise man once said: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” It was probably Abraham Lincoln. He said a lot of noteworthy things, right? Ne
The New Zealand Prices in Detail Planning a trip to New Zealand or even looking to live and work here? Then working out the cost of living in New Zealand is essential for planning your budget and maki
The Guide to Duty-free in New Zealand Who doesn’t love a good bargain, especially when travelling? If you are leaving New Zealand or literally just arriving, there are stores where you can buy d
How to Save Money on a Cruise to New Zealand Cruises are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about “budget travel” in New Zealand. However, with accommodation, transport a
Afford to Take a Gap Year Abroad What’s stopping most people from running to the airport right now to begin their gap year travels? Money. Spending so much time out of work to travel across the
What is the New Zealand Currency? The unit of currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar, often seen written as “NZD” or “NZ$”. This guide to New Zealand currency will g
We All Buy Stuff Despite trying to avoid it because we are cheap backpackers, we all buy stuff. It could be a pizza at the supermarket, a brand new phone because you dropped yours down a mountain some
Girls Backpacking in New Zealand Female travel is such a buzz word in the backpacking world at the moment, and sure, there may be a few things that girls will need to consider when backpacking in New
The Guide for Guys Backpacking in New Zealand Crazy, men travel alone too! You might have noticed that the Internet is saturated with solo female travel articles, but there are a few travel tips we ca