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A Simple Guide to Car Rental Insurance in New Zealand Comparing car rental companies is about as fun as a colourblind person playing Twister. The most confusing part is when you get onto the car renta
How to Buy a Car in New Zealand Lots of us decide to travel by car around New Zealand. With so many sights to see along the highways, as well as the off the beaten track destinations only accessed by
You’ve Looked at It, Now it is Time to Try It! You are well on your way to buying your car to start your New Zealand road trip. After reading Step 1: Car Inspection of our guide, it’s time
Sit Back, Relax and Take the Bus: Why Bus Travel in New Zealand is Awesome Travelling by the “peasant wagon” doesn’t have the most glamorous reputation but we can think of a few grea
Which Campervan Rental Company to Choose for a New Zealand Road Trip New Zealand is the ultimate road-tripping, a campervanning country with so much to see on the road and so many stunning campsites a
How Much is a Taxi in Wellington? You need to get somewhere fast and you don’t care how much it costs: then getting a taxi in Wellington is your best option. Although the city centre attractions
What You Need to Know About Buying a Used Car in New Zealand A road trip around New Zealand is the experience of a lifetime… Purchasing a vehicle to do said road trip is not quite so exciting. N
What are the Different Ways to Get Around New Zealand? The Lowdown by the Team Behind the Largest New Zealand Travel Guide After you travel to New Zealand, you’ll want to travel in New Zealand t
Bus Travel in New Zealand There is no lack of buses in New Zealand. It is the most used method of public transportation, especially local buses, as they are often the only public transportation! Coach
How to Use the Hop-on Hop-off Bus in New Zealand Hop-on hop-off: it’s as swift as the movement suggests. This bus concept works particularly well for backpackers and working holidaymakers who wa
Why Take a Road Trip in New Zealand? Because it’s freakin’ awesome! But if you need more convincing, we have a compiled a list of why we love road trips in New Zealand. Not only can you en
The Best-Value Campervan Rentals in New Zealand When looking for a road trip vessel to explore New Zealand, you might not necessarily want the cheapest (and less reliable) option, nor the super expens
How Much is a Taxi in Christchurch? Sometimes public transport just won’t do! For those times that you need to take a taxi in Christchurch, take a look at the prices compiled below so you get no
Golden Rules for a Backpacker Bus Trip to Remember Never miss a spectacular glacier, an impressive mountain range, the rugged coastline, or fantastical blue waters on a New Zealand backpacker bus jour