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All Those Clever Little Things… You probably won’t know you need half of these things until you see them! (Which might be a curse more than anything). Us travellers are always on the looko
Backpacker Problems in the Form of a Christmas Carol Christmas is an awesome time to be in New Zealand. You’re never too far from the beach, New Zealand pavlova makes a mouth-watering Christmas
Which Rain Jacket to Buy for New Zealand The rain isn’t messing around in New Zealand. Thanks to New Zealand’s maritime climate, it gets rain a lot even in summer. That’s why at the
The Best Hiking Boots If there’s ever a country to buy some new hiking boots for, it’s New Zealand. One of the best ways to experience its incredible landscapes is to tie up your hiking bo
What is the NZeTA? The NZeTA stands for “New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority” and is a quick online assessment from Immigration New Zealand for residents of countries who are visiting
How to Get to New Zealand So you’ve figured out that New Zealand would be a pretty awesome place to visit. But how the hell do you get there? Well, the cheapest and fastest way to get New Zealan
What to Look for When Choosing a Laptop for Backpacking? Planning your itinerary, sending emails back come, applying for jobs… There are many reasons to have a laptop while backpacking. Although
Pass Through Customs Like a Pro Arriving in New Zealand is not as straight forward as other countries. With strict biosecurity restrictions, visas to obtain, and a whole new timezone to deal with, you
Don’t Let the Fear of Flying Stop You from Seeing the World Did you know that flying is 200 times safer than driving a car? Despite that fact, more than two-thirds of people experience some kind
What is it About New Zealand That Inspired Avatar? As we all know, New Zealand has become the backdrop of huge blockbusters in the past – most famously The Lord of the Rings. New Zealand is hitt
The Essential Guide to Flying with Air New Zealand New Zealand’s own international airline is a pride of the country. But what is it like to fly with Air New Zealand? This guide will go through
Travelling New Zealand as a Poor 20-something You don’t have to wait until you have a proper job and making a million bucks to see the world. To travel New Zealand in your 20s just means staying
When to Visit the South Island of New Zealand With the allure of the beautiful snow-capped mountains, striking golden beaches, braided rivers and an array of amazing outdoor activities, you might thin
Which Backpack to Choose for New Zealand? It’s going to be your travel companion for your entire trip! Choosing a good backpack is a crucial decision that can really make an impact on the enjoym
What Full-time Travellers Like About New Zealand New Zealand is often described as mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and even breathtaking, yet it still surpasses expectations by delivering unique experienc