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Packing List: Your Carry-on for New Zealand Immigration, comfort, entertainment, airlines and length of your flight: these all determine what to pack in your carry-on for New Zealand. To make sure you
Backpacker Problems: A Step Below First-world Problems Living out of a backpack, meeting new people all the time, bunk beds… These fundamental parts of being a backpacker actually bring forth so
Things You Don’t Need to Pack for a Trip to New Zealand While there are many packing lists out there for things you need to pack for New Zealand, what about the things you don’t need to pa
Don’t Trust Anyone! Thinking of travelling to a faraway land with nought but the pack on your back and the limited funds in your bank account. This is budget travelling and to some it seems so e
Don’t Believe the Hype! Backpackers do some pretty strange things: some bond for life over a three-day hike and some would do anything for something labelled free. Some speak more than four diff
What Makes New Zealand Unique? Think New Zealand is just like every other country? Think again! There are many things that make New Zealand, or Aotearoa, unique! From wildlife that you can only find i
What to Pack for a New Zealand Campervan Road Trip? A campervan trip is unlike any other kind of vacation out there. You have ultimate freedom, get to experience the outdoors and take your accommodati
Where is New Zealand Located? Discovering the land of New Zealand has to start somewhere and its location is as good an any… So where is New Zealand? New Zealand is a country in the Oceania cont
Movies About Travel (or at Least Travel to New Zealand) Travelling isn’t just something that happens in movies. If you are waiting for a sign, this could be it! The characters in movies can go o
North Island vs. South Island Active volcanoes, bubbling mud pools, happening cities, hot beaches and a wealth of Maori culture or dramatic snowy mountains, fantastical fiords, every-changing glaciers
The Items You Can’t Miss When Packing for New Zealand It’s getting real, you’re about to go to New Zealand! Things get quite exciting yet stressful when packing for travelling in New