Prepare Your Trip

Through the camera lens ofAlly McFarlane. New Zealand is a photographer’s dream. Landscapes are so diverse and are ever-changing between seasons, sunrise, sunsets, day and night, which is enough
Get inspired to travel! Need that little push to start travelling inNew Zealand? Looking for a sign to go on the adventure of a lifetime? Sometimes just a few simple words can change the way you see t
Backpacker problems: a step below first-world problems. Living out of a backpack, meeting new people all the time, bunk beds… These fundamental parts of being a backpacker actually bring forth s
Don’t trust anyone! Thinking of travelling to a faraway land with nought but the pack on your back and the limited funds in your bank account. This is budget travelling and to some it seems so e
Don’t believe the hype! Backpackers do some pretty strange things: some bond for life over a 3-day hike and some would do anything for something labelled free. Some speak more than 4 different l