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A Guide to Passing Through Passport Control, Customs and Biosecurity in New Zealand A trip to New Zealand is super exciting! However, the thing that most of us dread is passing through Passport Contro
Welcome to New Zealand! After a long gruelling flight, you have finally touched down on New Zealand soil. Auckland Airport is most likely your arrival airport, as it is the busiest international airpo
What You Can and Cannot Bring into New Zealand? New Zealand border control has strict rules on what you can bring into the country. The majority of restricted or prohibited items are those which pose
What to Declare When Arriving in New Zealand Once you start exploring New Zealand, you’ll see how this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are still vast areas of wilderne
Arrival Advice for New Zealand After a lengthy flight to get to New Zealand, passing through Customs can feel more stressful than it actually is. Let us relieve the stress by taking you through the pr
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Get Ready for a Long Flight! New Zealand road trips and holiday adventures don’t always get off to the sexiest start. Your travels start with being squashed next to a stranger for several hours&
Auckland Airport Transfer Comparison Auckland Airport: as the busiest international transport hub for New Zealand, this is most likely where you will begin and end your adventure. There are a few tran
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New Zealand Airports: Where to Fly to and Which Airports to Use All great adventures to New Zealand start with booking a flight. That’s when it becomes real! But where can you expect to fly to a
Where is New Zealand Located? Discovering the land of New Zealand has to start somewhere and its location is as good an any… So where is New Zealand? New Zealand is a country in the Oceania cont
How to Get Over Jet Lag in 10 Simple Steps New Zealand is far away from pretty much everywhere so once you have arrived safely in the “Land of the Long White Cloud” your main priority is t
Get Over the Jet Lag Jet lag: it’s nature’s way of telling us that we shouldn’t travel long distances in a short amount of time. Nevertheless, New Zealand is so far away from most pl