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Practical Things to Do Before Leaving New Zealand This is a sad one. When it comes to the end of any great travel experience it can be hard to say goodby to that part of your life. Nevertheless, there
What is the Weather Like in New Zealand in March? Considering travelling New Zealand in March? It’s an excellent time to travel the country while the weather still has the warm temperatures of s
Access the Internet in Your Motorhome or Caravan When hitting New Zealand’s roads in your home on wheels, there’s often one home necessity that you leave behind; decent internet. If you
What’s Next After Your Gap Year in New Zealand? Teach English in Asia! That’s it: you’ve caught the travel bug. It’s happened. So far, your gap year in New Zealand has been a b
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in July? New Zealand in winter: you’re either travelling in New Zealand in July to shred the slopes or experience the slow (and cheap) pace of life in New Z
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in January? Travelling to one of the world’s most stunning countries is not a bad way to begin the new year. January is an extremely popular time to travel
What is the Weather Like in July in New Zealand? Welcome to New Zealand in winter! While most travellers choose other “sunnier” seasons to see the country, July is actually a fantastic tim
What is the Weather Like in June in New Zealand? Planning a trip to New Zealand in June? Then you’re going to want to know the typical temperatures, weather patterns and general New Zealand weat
What is the Weather Like in New Zealand in August? Welcome to winter in New Zealand! While most people avoid travelling anywhere in the world during the cold winter months, there are actually many adv
Get a Temporary New Zealand Bank Account There are plenty of benefits of having a bank account while in New Zealand: no outrageous exchange rates and not to mention getting paid if you are working in
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in June? Welcome to New Zealand winter! Yes, June is the start of winter in New Zealand and there are heaps going on during this time. (“Heaps” is a K
What is the Weather Like in December? Travelling to New Zealand in December? Then you’ll need this quick guide to the New Zealand weather in December. December is a great time to travel in New Z
What is the Weather Like in New Zealand in May? Want to avoid the tourist crowds, travel more spontaneously by not having to book too far in advance, and even save heaps of money on your travels? Then