Travel Tips

The Best Phone Plan for a Gap Year in New Zealand When backpacking in New Zealand, the common consensus is that getting a Prepay SIM or a Prepay Plan are the best options. Unlike in other countries, P
What is the Goods and Services Tax in New Zealand? Established in 1986, the Goods and Services Tax is a tax on almost anything you purchase. It is an inherent part of your trip here in New Zealand, wh
Transferring Money From Overseas to a New Zealand Bank Account The trip of a lifetime is about to start! To get set up on a New Zealand working holiday or travel experience, whether it’s a month
Keep Safe When Travelling in New Zealand Good news! New Zealand is generally a very safe place to travel. It’s not riddled with disease and doesn’t have a billion animals that can kill you
New Zealand Gifts That are Too Funny to Ignore Maybe this list should be renamed 10 Tacky Gifts… But we all know at least one person who would appreciate some New Zealand memorabilia or Kiwiana
Where to Next? The working holiday visa is an amazing opportunity for a young person to travel to New Zealand and work their way through our great country. However, one year is pretty short. When the
How to Get Prescription Medication in New Zealand Being in a different country for an extended period might mean that you will need to pick up a prescription at some point, whether it’s to get m
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in November? You’re onto a good thing with the weather in November. With the days getting warmer as this final month of spring approaches summer, the weathe
Tips for the Health-Conscious Traveller Don’t let something silly like “poor health” get in the way of having an amazing working holiday in New Zealand. In general, New Zealand is a
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in October? Spring is in full swing in October in New Zealand! October is a good time to see lambs in the fields, gardens in bloom and the weather is generally go
What is it Like to Travel New Zealand in March? With the summer crowds beginning to die down mid-March and the days are still long and warm, March is a great time to travel New Zealand. For these reas