Travel Tips

Stay connected in New Zealand when travelling. With so much epic scenery, wildlife, and #nzmustdos, backpackers can’t resist sharing their travels on the Internet. Having access to the web is th
What are your mobile phone Network options in New Zealand? Staying connected even on the other side of the world has never been easier. Cellphone providers have offerstailored to everybody’s nee
How to check if your phone will work in New Zealand. Plugging into a New Zealand cellphone network when arriving in New Zealand is a necessity if you want to keep phone expenses to a minimum. It will
Should you tip people or expect tips for services in New Zealand? Oh, tipping: the biggest culture divide in the world. Maybe that is an overstatement but where some countries require you to tip every
The Kiwi Access Card (formerly the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card). Do you get an overwhelming feeling of paranoia every time you go out carrying your precious passport as proof of age? Well you, ki