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The Ultimate List of New Zealand Travel Tips Ah, New Zealand! Known to the local Maori as “Aotearoa”, New Zealand is a remote country in the South Pacific famous for its dramatic scenery.
New Zealand’s Weird and Wonderful Wildlife New Zealand was an island free of land mammals before us pesky humans arrived. In turn, this means a few unusual species of animals and birds evolved t
Everything You Need to Know About Backpacking in New Zealand New Zealand does things big: big landscapes, big activities, big hearts from the friendly locals, and generally big stuff. Backpacking in N
Everyone’s Got to Eat. So Where to Get Your Groceries in New Zealand? When travelling in New Zealand, it’s cheaper to cook food in your hostel or flat than to indulge in eating in restaura
Fun Facts About Wildlife in New Zealand That’s right, New Zealand isn’t just all about the sheep… Learning about how wildlife evolves on an isolated set of islands in the South Pacif
The People on the New Zealand Banknotes: Explained! Who is this guy on my money?! Knowing who is on the New Zealand banknotes is knowing some influential figures in New Zealand’s history –
Small Country: Big Stars! Here are the Most Famous New Zealanders With only 5 million people in New Zealand, it is pretty hard to secure a place in celebrity magazines. And it’s not like the 30
… Unless You’re From New Zealand! Ok, if you’re from New Zealand, you will know most things about the Maori people and the Maori culture. For the rest of us, the most we have probabl
Tips and Tricks for Backpacking We like anything to make our lives easier, right? The same goes for backpacking. Being a badass globe-trotter isn’t easy so with that in mind we have put together
Which Movies Were Filmed in New Zealand? It wasn’t just The Lord of the Rings that was filmed in New Zealand, you know. There is actually a lot of movies shot in New Zealand making NZ an awesome
Your Best Travel Partner is You! When browsing the world wide web on anything to do with travel, chances are you will come across the words: “solo female travel”. This is the buzz phrase o
What is the Meaning of the Haka? If you have heard anything about the New Zealand culture, no doubt you will have heard about the Haka. This captivating chant seen at many important New Zealand events
New Zealand Loves Beer The country is a beer-making nation with around 150 commercial breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs. Beer accounts for around 60% of alcohol for sale. The beers you will see t
What are the Seasons and Climate Like in New Zealand? “Four seasons in a day” is used to describe the climate in New Zealand. The sea and mountains make a big impact on the quickly changin