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How to Make the Most of a Rainy Day in Auckland Bossing a rainy day is a pretty easy task in a city like Auckland where so much is happening. In fact, we think that having a couple of rainy days when
Things to Do in Rotorua When it’s Raining New Zealand’s geothermal hot spot has lots to offer even when the weather is morbid! Aside from the obvious cinema, bowling and afternoon in the p
Rainy Day Activities in Wellington What can we say? It’s Wellington. It rains a lot. But that doesn’t have to stop you from having a blast in the world’s coolest little capital! Bein
What to Do on a Rainy Day in Taupo Sometimes it rains in Taupo… That’s ok because there are plenty of things to in Taupo on a rainy day! From indoor attractions to activities where you are
How to Boss a Rainy Day in Westport! Don’t let the rain stop your play! In Westport, you can learn to love the rain as much as the plants. The West Coast town has a great selection of activities
Rainy Day Activities in the Bay of Islands The Bay of Islands might be renowned for its beautiful sunny days, but it does rain occasionally. This is New Zealand, after all. But never fear, for there a
What to Do When it’s Raining in Dunedin It rains sometimes in Dunedin but don’t worry! We have the ultimate rainy day activity list for Dunedin so you can still enjoy this amazing city wit
Rainy Day Activities in Queenstown In a country as rich in forests and farmland as New Zealand, it’s no secret that you can expect some rain from time to time. Queenstown is no exception, but in
What to Do in Nelson in Bad Weather If you catch a rainy day in New Zealand’s sunniest city, you’re going to feel pretty cheated. Nevertheless, the South Island city still has plenty of in
What to Do in Invercargill in Bad Weather It’s true, Invercargill has been known to have a fair few rainy days. It’s in New Zealand, after all! So if you get caught in Invercargill in the
Indoor and All-weather Activities in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui Relax, you’re in the city! The bad weather is hardly going to affect you here with some of Tauranga‘s iconic attractions bein
All-weather and Indoor Activities in Whakatane and Ohope Yes, even the Bay of Plenty, which is renowned for its sunshine, can see some rainy days. It is New Zealand, after all! While a rainy day isn&#
All-weather and Indoor Activities in Ohakune What do you do when the Tongariro Crossing is cancelled, when the mountain is closed, when the Whanganui River is too high, or you just don’t feel li
All-weather and Indoor Activities in Hamilton Just because the rain is pouring doesn’t mean the fun has to end in Hamilton. In fact, with so many indoor attractions throughout the city, it’
All-weather and Indoor Activities in Christchurch While Christchurch is one of the driest cities in New Zealand, it still has plenty of rainy days. No worries, however, as the museums, art gallery, bo