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A Travel Guide to Christchurch Many travellers agree that Christchurch is one of the most unique cities. The largest city in the South Island has a captivating story from its Maori heritage, English i
A City of Shopping, Gardens and Sandy Shores Christchurch is described as many things: the Garden City, the most English city out of England (look at the street names), but now more commonly it has be
Tips for Backpackers in Christchurch The city of Christchurch has found a second breath of life since the devastating 2011 earthquake. Artists have come out of the shadows and taken over the streets.
A Christchurch Food Guide A cultural hub on the South Island, Christchurch offers the most diversity when it comes to food tours, activities and restaurants on the South Island. From the earthy flavou
Things to Do in Christchurch for Couples Gorgeous gardens, historic trams and scenic train journeys, Christchurch is a city where couples can enjoy some of the more traditional-yet-charming romantic e
Food Tours and Activities in Christchurch When travelling New Zealand for its flavours, Christchurch is must on the itinerary. As the largest hub on the South Island, it’s a melting pot of cultu
Plan a Family Trip to Christchurch Christchurch is more than just a big dot on the New Zealand map. The city offers effortless fun for families between its sandy beaches to the tops of the Port Hills
How to Visit Christchurch on a Budget Welcome to the budget-friendly city of Christchurch. The South Island’s largest city is renowned for its picturesque gardens and its sad-yet-intriguing eart
Family Activities in Christchurch It’s easy to enjoy your time together in Christchurch. Family-friendly museums, gorgeous gardens with playgrounds, wildlife experiences and active adventures ar
Plan a Premium Trip to Christchurch The South Island’s largest metropolis goes by many names: The Garden City, The Most English City Outside of England, and so on. Locally, it’s simply kno
Premium Tours in Christchurch For many of us, we’re only in Christchurch once. With that in mind, you might want to make the most of it by treating yourself to some of the most premium tours in
Plan a Romantic Getaway, Anniversary or Honeymoon to Christchurch In a city dubbed “The Garden City”, adding a touch of romance to your visit to Christchurch is pretty effortless. From wan