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A Travel Guide to Rotorua The caldera-formed lake that Rotorua sits on the shores of is just the beginning of its geothermally-formed landscape. From a vibrant-red volcano to the steaming lakes, hot s
Where to Visit in Rotorua, New Zealand Never underestimate Rotorua. There’s so much to do in this “little town” in the North Island that you will also leave wanting more. Although Ro
Backpacking in Rotorua Also known as Rotovegas by the locals, the town is a mix of action, relaxation and natural wonders. Rotorua is located in the lower part of Bay of Plenty and is New Zealand̵
Family Activities in Rotorua Plan at least a couple of days in Rotorua because the array of family-friendly activities is huge. Surrounding its lake are geothermal hotspots, amazing exotic and native
How to Visit Rotorua on a Budget Rotorua might be home to some of the most popular attractions in New Zealand, from Maori cultural shows and dinners to white water rafting over waterfalls. But they ar
Things to Do in Rotorua for Couples Rotorua is essential on the honeymoon itinerary, while also offering a fantastic romantic weekend away. While it might be famous for its geothermal features and Mao
Plan a Foodie Trip to Rotorua The usual tourist experiences Rotorua with a dip in a hot pool here and a Maori cultural performance there. But there’s so much more to this cultural hub of the Nor
Food Tours in Rotorua Rotorua is famous for being a cultural hub of New Zealand and any foodie knows that a strong way to connect with a culture is through its food. With Maori dinner nights, foodie b
A Family Travel Guide to Rotorua It’s on the top of the itinerary for most families travelling around the North Island. Rotorua is the ideal place for families to adventure together, experience
Plan a Premium Trip to Rotorua Soothing mineral hot springs, dramatic volcanic scenery, and captivating Maori customs, legends and traditions… Rotorua certainly sets the right tone for a memorab
Premium Tours in Rotorua Experience Rotorua’s captivating geothermal and volcanic landscapes, immerse in authentic Maori experiences and treat the senses through mineral-rich hot pools and fine
Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways to Rotorua Rotorua is a hotspot in New Zealand for geothermal activity and the Maori culture, but there are a few easy ways to turn this obligatory visit on your itine