The Walks at Lake Waikaremoana You Can’t Miss You’ve made it to the Te Urewera Rainforest on the shores of Lake Waikaremoana! That’s awesome! For those backpackers who have made it o
Walks and Hikes in Wellington What’s a free thing to do in Wellington and one of the best ways to immerse in the scenery? Walking! In the capital city of one of the world’s most “out
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Walks Along the Pacific Coast Highway The Pacific Coast Highway, State Highway 35, is one of the most off-the-beaten-track road trips you can do in the North Island of New Zealand. This coast is full
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Which Multi-day Hikes in New Zealand Have Free Accommodation? So you’ve heard the news: multi-day hikes in New Zealand aren’t cheap. The appeal of hiking is how it puts the “freeR
Strolls In, Around and All Over Stratford Stratford is known for its quirky love affair with Shakespeare and its close proximity to Egmont National Park. For sure, its a great base for your backpackin
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Walks and Hikes on Mt Ruapehu There’s a lot to uncover on New Zealand’s largest volcano, which is best done by lacing up your hiking boots. The Mt Ruapehu walks and hikes take you to Mt Ru
Top Walks in Wairoa, Lake Waikaremoana, Morere and Mahia There’s nothing quite like exploring off-the-beaten-path locations in New Zealand and Northern Hawke’s Bay is a great place to do i
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