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Winter is Coming and So are Some of the Best Parties of the Year! What better way to warm yourself up than pulling some shapes at a music festival and eating obscene amounts of chocolate? That is how
Which Summer Festivals to Check Out in New Zealand Wild music, wild food, wild balloons: New Zealand knows how to throw some awesome summer festivals. Although New Zealand produces its own popular mus
New Zealand’s Annual Events What’s happening in New Zealand? Well, you have come to the right place. New Zealand looks forward to many events each year, whether it’s to party to live
Winter is Here! Four nearby ski fields, heaps of backpackers, skiers and riders, and more bars and clubs for apres-ski, no wonder Queenstown gets excited about winter! To celebrate the start of winter
Eat, Dance, Race, Drink and Spectate Your Way Through 2016 New Zealand knows how to host a good get together. If you want to experience being in a Kiwi community, then heading to a festival or a sport
Party, Drink, Eat, Dress Up and Spectate Your Way Through 2018 in New Zealand! If you want to experience community vibes during your travels in New Zealand, then a festival or event would be the way t
Where Will the U-20 World Cup Take You? FIFAs second-largest tournament is coming to New Zealand! We will host the 52 games of the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015 across seven stunning cities that each have
Festivals, Parades and Events in New Zealand in 2021 Party, eat, drink, dress-up, dance and spectate your way through 2021 in New Zealand by hitting the major events found around the country! From mus
Sing, Eat, Race, Dance, Drink and Spectate Your Way Through 2017 New Zealand knows how to host a good get-together. There’s no better way to experience feeling part of a Kiwi community than gett
FIFA’s Second-largest Tournament Will Start on the 30-May-2015 Right Here in New Zealand! The FIFA U-20 World Cup in the same tournament that the original FIFA World Cup but restricted to player